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Hi everyone!  Jake here!

Back when we were first married, Kelsey used to make stuffed animals and sell them at craft boutiques.  One time, we decided to sell a bunch of stuffed elephants on a website called and it was one of the most fun times we had ever had together as a couple.  Since it was a limited-time flash sale we stayed up all night packing and fulfilling orders as notifications flew in!  We had so much fun that night! always has amazing women’s clothing and cute accessories at great prices and so we were so happy to find out that they are launching a menswear section!  I was really excited when I saw the great prices and fun selection.  It’s great to have a place online now where both Kelsey and I can find great deals on fun clothing pieces.  The best thing about is that they are constantly offering different items.  I love being able to constantly find something new and unique from the last time I visited.

The jeans were an especially flexible material that wasn’t too slim.  I really liked the burgundy color as well since it is a fun color to mix things up, but isn’t too bold or bright.

The polo shirt was a nice fit and extremely breathable, making it a perfect piece for hot summer days.

The sneakers were also very comfortable and well made.  Ready to take on any fun exploration trip or adventure we could put them through.

We really think you’ll find something you like in all the daily deals they have going on at so make your way over there and check it out!


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Menswear Launch on