How to make a Bunkbed in less than 5 minutes!

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Guest Room Make Over: Bunk Bed Style

Anyone else dream of having bunk beds in their home?!?! I don’t know why I have always wanted lots and lots of bunk beds! I think because that also means lots and lots of company, and I LOVE having guests over!

I had been shopping forever trying to find the perfect bunk beds! Once I finally found them, I bought comforters, sheets, foam pads, and all the works for them!  Little did I know….. making bunk beds is the hardest thing in the world!

To make one bed I put sheets on and would tuck all the sheets under the mattress.  Then I would put the duvet cover on.   Once I thought it would look ok, I would step away from the bed and the entire thing would be crooked.  Half the sheets were exploding from the bottom of the bed and it looked like a hot mess.  I am not a perfectionist by any means, but can I say seeing sheets hang out from underneath the bed was like the sound of nails on a chalkboard to me!  After I realized I had 3 more beds to go!  EEK!  Anyone else have bunk beds?! The struggle is real right?!?!

My mom and all her friends were in town when I was trying to figure out a solution to our bunk beds.  All of the ladies had said they had done bunk beds, and did not like them because they were so hard to make!  We were all trying to come up with ideas.  We thought of tying the sheets together on the bottom, sewing corners in squares, using elastic cords, all just so the bedding would look put together.  All of these things seemed over-the-top and just added more cost/time to the project.  Not to mention when someone wanted to sleep in the bed.  I don’t know how the guest would even figure out how to make the bed themselves during their stay…

I attended an event at my friend Jordan’s home, and heard about Beddy’s.  Literally, I was jumping up and down with excitement once I heard what their product was.  Right when I came home from the party, I looked on their site and was sold!  Let me share why I love them so much and how Beddy’s not only came to the rescue with our beds but can for yours too!

Bunk Bed Solutions with Beddy’s

Essential what Beddy’s is, is bedding than is all configured together on a fitted sheet.  Then all you have to do is put on the bedding like you would a fitted sheet.  The sheets are sewn into the bedding and the top zips on and off.  If you want to sleep in it like a sleeping bag you can, or unzip it all off and use as regular bedding.

I wanted to share with you all a few reasons that makes Beddy’s unique and cool!

  • Beddy’s are super easy to put on!
  • Zippers…….! Ok this zipper concept was interesting to me at first when I was trying to envision it.  Now that I know how it works, let me tell you guys; it rocks!  Imagine if you could zip the top sheet and comforter as one layer on top of your bottom sheet/mattress.  Just like a sleeping bag.  Jake and I had a sleepover in the bunk bed room to try them out.  It was so much fun! You can completely zip off the top by unzipping both sides.  To make the bed, all you have to do is fold in the sheet and zip up the sides.
  • Built-in sheets. No need for a bottom sheet, top sheet and comforter.  This has them all combined. On the top sheet/blanket it has extra material that tucks in nicely on the sides when zipped up, but when unzipped provides extra coziness.
  • Easy to use and matching pillowcases!  The pillowcases also have a lip on them so the entire pillow is incased.  I love that so no matter which direction the pillow is on the bed, you won’t see the inside pillow sticking out of the case.
  • To wash your Beddy’s, just unzip the top (or keep it zipped on the twin-sizes), and throw it as one piece in the washer, then dry on low heat.  That’s it!

How to make a Bunkbed in less than 5 minutes!

Ok guys, now for the fun part!  Want to make your bunk bed in less than 5 minutes? Its really easy, seriously!

  1. Buy Beddy’s.
  2. Put them on the bed like you would a fitted sheet.
  3. Boom, you are done!

But really though, I tried lots of different options for these beds and was so excited when I heard about Beddy’s.  They are easy to use and so fun.  We’ve had multiple guests over already and they love them!  The quality is great!

Guest Room Makeover Vlog

To see the entire guest room makeover from start to finish, check out here.


 I’m all about cute and functional products that work and save time! When I reached out to Beddy’s to tell them how much I love their products, they were so kind and wanted to offer all KelseyBang readers a coupon code for 15% off any purchase for the next 2 weeks!  Use code “KELSEY” at check out! (Offer ends October 16th, 2018.)

You guys, seriously take advantage of this!  This bedding is awesome for bunk beds, kids beds, teens, RVs, campers, every day, seriously they are super cool!  Jake really wants to get an Airstream and can’t wait to use Beddy’s when we get that up and running!

Want to see more home projects?!? Check out here for more.  Thanks for stopping by today!  Hope you have an awesome day!

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How to make a Bunkbed in less than 5 minutes!