DIY 12×12 Patio Paver Supplies Under $650

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Wanting to put in a paved area in your yard but worried its going to cost way too much?! Sharing all the supplies we used for our new 12×12 patio area and how we were able to keep all the patio paver supplies under $650, even with home delivery!

Patio Paver Supplies Under $650


This past week we have been having fun adding a new patio space to our yard! With summer coming up we thought it would be a good time to get some estimates for this project. We had a concrete guy come give an estimate to pour this area and he said he thought this area should be pavers! I am so glad he suggested that because I would of never thought of that! Then we had a paver guy come over to give us an estimate and this area was going to cost about $9,000. Jake and I have never done a project like this, so I thought great let’s hire the guy and get this project done! Finding out the pavers wouldn’t be able to be added for about 6 weeks, I then spent some time looking at Home Depot and adding up supplies! When I discovered we could do all the work ourselves and buy the supplies for our 12 x 12 patio space for under $650, we thought…….LET’S GO FOR IT! We are so happy how it all turned out and can’t wait to share with you all the final reveal soon! Until then……

For anyone out there wanting to take on a project like this, just know it can be a lot more affordable and doable than you think! Here is a list of all the supplies, tools, etc we used to pave our new patio area!


When ordering supplies for your space, measure the area and then use the calculator tools on Home Depot to figure out how much you need. The measuring calculator will be on each product webpage. We did this with all the supplies and the amounts we ordered worked out great!

Weed Mat ($12)

Paver Base

$4.12 a bag. We planned on about 3 inches of paver base and ordered 53 bags. Perfect amount!

Leveling Sand

For our project we planned on 1 inch of leveling sand and ordered 26 bags of leveling sand. 26 bags worked out great! $4.12 a bag.


We ordered the tan/brown color. These pavers are 98 cents each or if ordering over 140+ pavers, 88 cents each. For $80, Home Depot will deliver all the paver base, sand, pavers, etc. to your home and they all arrived in perfect condition. We ordered 150 pavers for our 12×12 patio and a small side area and had a chunk pavers left over we kept incase we need them in the future.


The PermaSand was $22 a box, we used 2 total. If you are doing larger cracks between the pavers, more PermaSand will be needed.



Shovel ($7)

Tamper ($32)

Rake ($10)


A wheel barrow is always great to have around if need to haul dirt to another area. To rent one was $20 a day at Home Depot, this one we bought was $39.

Small Angle Saw

For the angle saw, you would only need this if you need to cute pavers. It is only $34, and really comes in handy! You can rent a big angle saw to make this process go faster, but we already had this little angle saw and it worked great!

Diamond Blade For Angle Saw ($9)


A level is great to have around for checking as you lay pavers to make sure things are level. This one is only $16.

Push Broom ($21)


Thanks so much for stopping by today! If you get a chance to create your patio paver space, we would love to hear how it goes! Hope you have a wonderful week!



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    Such a beautiful family you have. God bless you guys 😀

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