Winter Walk With Zeke

Coat: Joules Clothing | Sweater: Jcrew | Camo Pants: Joules Clothing | Shoes: Joules | Gloves: Northface

Parka: Joules Clothing | Scarf: Joules Clothing | Pants: Good American | Boots: Joules | Lipstick: Mac-Diva | Gloves: Northface

We have been taking Zeke out on walks everyday, but on Sunday’s we like to go somewhere fun for a walk.  I really look forward these walks.  Zeke loves to meet new people so this was a great trail to be on to make some new friends.  We ran into several others walking their dogs and had fun saying hello!

On our walks it has been around 20 degrees outside, so we really have to bundle up to stay warm.  We recently got these fun coats from Joules and decided to wear them and put them to the test!  The coats worked out great for the walk and we will be wearing them again on a cold winter day! I have been wanting to get a Parka and loved how this one had a nice tailored fit.  Winter coats be hard to find that don’t make you feel frumpy, but I was a fan of this one!

Do you enjoy being outside in the Winter time?! What are some of your go-to items you like to have around to keep you warm?!  Thanks for stopping by today, have a great day!

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Velvet and Burgundy
Winter Walk With Zeke