Spring Dresses With Room To Grow

Excited for Spring?! Sharing 10 dresses that are great to wear this season with some room to grow!

Jake and I are currently 8 weeks in our pregnancy! Being 2 months along you wouldn’t think I wouldn’t be showing already but I am! Maybe it’s the twins, maybe it’s the swollen ovaries, either way it makes me excited! I have never had a baby bump before and feel so blessed and lucky to be pregnant! I can’t wait for this bump to grow more!

With a growing belly, my pants are not fitting so Spring time dresses are on my mind! Today I am sharing some cute, bold, printed dresses that would be great for a growing belly or just wanting a cute dress if you are not pregnant! Until Spring comes I’ll keep doing the rubber band trick on the pants and ordering a few dresses to prepare for some sunshine! hahaha These were a few dresses that caught my eye that I wanted to share today! Hope you have a great day!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

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Spring Dresses With Room To Grow