6 Steps To Building The Perfect Wardrobe

Wondering how to build the perfect wardrobe?! Today I am sharing 6 steps to create a wardrobe you will love!

Building The Perfect Wardrobe

I thought it would be fun to do a round up on all my Insta Stories outfits from the past week. Since I have had twins, I haven’t done much shopping. With summer being here I was in need of a few new clothing items so a little shopping was needed. Today I am sharing all the details on where these outfits are from as well as my magic formula for building a wardrobe that you will love.


1. Have Fun!

I have always been a fan of wearing fun things! If you are wearing something that’s fun, it will give you an extra pep in your step!

A Few Things I Love About Wearing A Fun/Statement Item:

It’s a conversation starter! Ever have on a unique handbag or t-shirt?! It’s a great way for people to want to come talk to you and make new friends!

When you are wearing something fun it helps you be ready for anything! Ever find you are saying no to things but really want to say yes?? I found when I am wearing something fun, it helps me say yes! Really though…just try it if you don’t believe me.

If you are wearing something fun, it’s bound to bring a smile to your face! It’s ok to have some fun with your wardrobe!


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2. Buy Pieces That Work For You!

The other day we were heading back to church for the first time since Covid. As we were heading out the door, I was not feeling the high heels I had put on. Instead I decided to wear my sparkly glitter sneakers. In the past I really looked forward to wearing heels on Sundays. Now being a mama of two babies that are on the move…. my feelings on that have changed!

Wear what works for you and go for it! Don’t worry about what anyone else will think… just do you!

If you know you are a sneaker kinda gal, stick to your sneakers and buy those when you need new shoes. Yes it can be good to go out of your comfort zone once in a while, but don’t waste your money on things that are not working for you. Have items in your closet that you will actually use instead of items collecting dust.


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3. When In Doubt… Go Comfy

This is coming from a girl who has a closet full of fancy dresses that never get worn…. When buying clothes, buy things that are comfy and that you would want to wear everyday! If I am looking at what I’m wearing everyday, I find things that are comfy get re-worn over and over.

When shopping, find items that you feel comfortable and cute in! It’s ok to be comfy cute on the daily! So many brands are coming out with softer fabrics and clothing that works for being on the move.


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4. Magic Jeans

Having a good pair of jeans can make all the difference with a wardrobe. Jeans are a great staple item that can go with so many things. Find a pair of jeans that you feel amazing in! Don’t be scared to try on lots of different brands and different sizes. I found even within the same brand, it’s nice to try on a couple pairs of the same exact jeans to get just the right fit.

My Favorite Denim Brand

Currently my favorite jean brand is Good American. I have worn Good American jeans exclusively for the past 3 years because I love them so much! (Except when I was pregnant! hahaha) It’s amazing how I can be a size 2 or a size 10 and can always find a pair of Good American jeans that I feel amazing in! WARNING…. these jeans are pricey… but they are worth every penny! They last! I have yet to wear-out a single pair.

This pair of jeans I am wearing in the photo to your left has such a fun length and cut to them. It’s the perfect length for summer jeans, but you could also pair them with some tall winter boots! Anytime I purchase jeans, I try to find ones that will work in multiple seasons.

I call these jeans my magic jeans because they suck my stomach in big time! It’s so important to have jeans that fit. If you lose weight, go get new jeans. Gain weight? Go get new jeans! Trust me…it’s worth investing in a good pair of jeans, at any stage your body is in.

After I just had my babies and none of my clothes fit me, one of the first things I did was go to Nordstrom and buy a pair of Good American jeans. I focused on not caring about the size and the money and focused on finding a great pair of jeans I would feel amazing in. You are worth it, get clothes you love and you’ll feel confident in any stage you are in! (P.S. there are a lot of great jean brands and affordable ones too… these are just the ones I feel like a million bucks in!)

I saw some good coupons here on slickdeals for Nordstrom Rack, which frequently has Good American jeans.

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5. Like An Outfit?! Buy Your Favorite Pieces In Multiple Colors

Back in the day I admit…. I didn’t like to rewear things. As I have gotten older that has gone completely out the window for me. I am all about getting my monies worth from an item and wearing it over and over. If I don’t feel like re-wearing something but want something similar…. I like to buy my favorite pieces in multiple colors.

For instance this shirt! You can see it in pictures above in white. Wearing pretty much the same outfit but mixed up the jeans and shoes.

Why spend time creating another outfit when you already found one you love?! Buy the same pieces in different colors to mix it up! This is a great way to mix and match outfits and not have to get creative.

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6. Only Buy Items You LOVE

This may sound like a no brainer, but it’s super easy to buy something just to buy something. My philosophy is only buy something if you absolutely love it. If you don’t see yourself wearing something over and over…what’s the point? Instead of buying something…wearing it once…and then it sits in your closet collecting dust… What about buying something and wearing it all the time because it makes you happy and you LOVE IT!!?!!!

If you are on a the fence about an item, put it back in the store where you found it and walk away.


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Thanks so much for stopping by today for 6 steps to building the perfect wardrobe! Do you have any advice for shopping when building a wardrobe?! I would love to hear them in the comments below. Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂 Don’t forget……. YOU ARE AWESOME!





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