Garden Party Baby Shower

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Garden Party Baby Shower

Last weekend I got to celebrate with lots of friends/family the celebration of our two baby girls coming soon! I feel so blessed and lucky to have the sweetest friends on the planet! It was such a fun time and a day I will always remember!

So many of them railed together to put on the cutest baby shower for me and the girls! My friend Amanda hosted the baby shower and my friends Aubry, Bonnie, Emily, Mckenzie and my mother in law Susan helped out big time too! They made a great team and all the little details they put into the shower were so sweet and thoughtful! They added elements of my favorite things throughout the shower and just made it all so special!

These ladies really went all out for shower, I thought I would share some pictures on the blog to document all the fun!

(I am 28 weeks pregnant with the twins in these photos.)



First off, lets talk invitations! My friend Amanda found these darling cards on Minted and loved them so much she ended up planning the baby shower based around them. She had known she wanted to do a garden party but these cards sealed the deal for her.

When she showed me these cards, I was so obsessed with them too! They were real winners in my book! I loved that there was matching floral addressing, a striped insert in the envelopes, matching stamps, gift tags and even matching thank you cards! Minted knows the way to my heart with matching sets! Did I say matching enough?! Really though, if you haven’t noticed…. I LOVE MATCHING! Like the twins will most likely always be in matching outfits! hehehe 🙂



Breakfast Buffet

How darling is this food spread?! I loved how they did a yogurt bar with fun granola and fruit, the donuts in the back, fresh bagels and cream cheeses and fruit. Such a perfect combo! I thought these were such great brunch options and it all was a hit!

Have you noticed any Disney details or hidden Mickeys around?!? My friends were so sweet and know I am Disney obsessed and decided to add some Disney elements to the baby shower! It was so fun to look around for the hidden Mickeys and feel the Disney love!

For drinks they did juices and lemonades! You could add berries to your drink to if you wanted! I thought it was so darling!


Welcome Table

When you first walked into the party there was this darling table display! I thought it was so cute with the onesie garland hanging in the background and this beautiful diaper cake! My friends had a bunch of loose diapers out and sharpies for guests to write love notes on the diapers for all those late night diaper changes. How creative is that?!

I know this might sound a little crazy, but I am so excited for those diaper changes! Jake and I have really been looking forward to being parents, and can’t wait for those moments. I know late night diaper changes and all those things that come with it will be a big change for us, but I think seeing those encouraging messages from friends will help us keep on going! The further we get along in pregnancy Jake and I just keep getting more and more excited for these girls! We feel grateful it’s time to start our family, and can’t wait to start a life together with these babes!


Thank You Table

For thank you gifts for guests Bonnie put together cute bags with bath-bombs in them. Then she topped them off with matching Minted gift tag that matched the invitations.

My friends had the cute idea of having a book out with guests to be able to write love notes in. I can’t wait to read the book to our girls and share the love notes with them someday! It will truly be a treasured book!



My amazing friend Mckenzie Deakins took photos at the celebration. It was so nice having her snap some pictures so I could focus on saying hi to friends and celebrating all together! I also know how hard so many worked on this baby shower to make the day so special it was so nice to have her documenting away.

If you have a baby shower ask a friend to snap photos during the party. You will be so busy during the event, and will want pictures to document the adventure and be able look back at the fun times! Plus it will be so fun to share the photos with your baby someday when they are old enough!


Gift Table

I was so excited to celebrate the girls with everyone. At the party I was seriously so overwhelmed with all my friends/family generosity and spoiling me and the girls. Jake and I have been so busy with lots of life things going on (more about that coming soon…) so we literally haven’t bought anything for the girls except for the nursery basics (cribs, mattress, rocker, dresser, etc).

So many friends chipped in and got the girls the cutest outfits, diapers, baby supplies, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, baby power, books, baby bath, pack in play, changing table, toys, blankets, swaddles, just all the goods! I seriously couldn’t feel more grateful for the generosity and kindness of these sweet friends/family! Now we are starting to feel more set and prepared for the girls to come, and that really is a great feeling!


Thank you for stopping by today! Hope you have a great day! And to my amazing friends that came to the shower and put it all together, if you happen to see this, THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a magical day! I sure felt the love and so did the girls! Thank you, thank you!!


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