Little Candy Canes

Almost 3 Months Old!

Oh I love these girls so much! They are such a blast and I feel so lucky to be their mama! These two are just the sweetest! For the past 3 weeks these girls have slept through the night! Like 10pm to 7am! I am so proud of these girls! On Christmas Eve Davey and Scout will be 3 months old! Every day they seem to be growing so much! Way to fast!! I get now why people say kids grow up way too fast! They really do. I remember feeling like the girls were going to slip through my arms they were so teeny and now they are starting to hold their heads up and feeling so strong! I am so grateful I get to stay home with them and take care of them. This time together I truly cherish! Like so much I want more kids right away! hhaha but the doctor said I needed to wait at least a year to let my body recover 🙂 I just love this stage with the girls and I never want it to end!

Davey (on the left of these photos)- She is always smiling! Wakes up smiling, goes to bed smiling, smiles in her sleep… just smiles all the time. She loves when I read books to her. It’s fun to see her so full of wonder and always looking around! This girl is still so obsessed with her binky! She wants it around all the time, even if she is not sucking on it, she likes it within eye sight. Davey loves to stick out her tongue! It cracks me up, because her daddy totally does that too! Davey loves to snuggle on her tummy. She is such a good snuggler and loves to be held to sleep.

Scout (on the right in these photos)- Has found her voice. She LOOVES talking! It’s so cute because she will just be chillin in her little lounger chair and be talking away for a good 30 minutes. She is so observant and loves looking around. I have caught her a few times watching the tv. It’s so funny! I think I may have a little future tv addict on my hands! hahaha Scout loves to be swaddled nice and snug. I think she is like her mama who always likes to be cozy!

It’s been so fun that these girls have been awake more. We have a lot of fun dancing around, listening to music, reading books, snuggling and doing some tummy time together. So proud of these girls for growing so strong! Love these two!

Outfit Details: Red and Cream Jumpers | Headband | Bassinet | Bassinet Stand

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