Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Anyone else want to snuggle up by the fire in cozy pj’s all December long?!? Maybe its the snow outside, maybe its the holidays, but whatever it is… I like it! Every year I tell myself, I am going to buy one set of Christmas PJ’s but somehow it ends up being 5+ pairs! I guess you could say I am jammie obsessed! We got these fun family pj’s at Gordmans! The other day I went into the store and I wanted to find head-to-toe family pj’s and supplies for a hot chocolate night all under $100. Mission accomplished! My cute BEBE pjs were only $16, Jake’s pj bottoms $8, and on and on. Growing up I wasn’t much of a bargain shopper. Now with two babes around I really try and find the best deals on quality items.

A few evenings ago we got all cozy in our new jammies and had a hot chocolate night and decorated sugar cookies! We picked up a sugar cookie decorating kit from one of our favorite bakery’s The Chocolate. The cookies were premade and came with frosting and sprinkles. It was fun to decorate the cookies! It ended up taking us about 4 hours to decorate 12 cookies! hahha We are finding with twins, some things just take longer than they used to! Which we don’t mind 🙂 These girls sure add so much fun and happiness into our lives! It has been so fun to do some of our favorite Christmas traditions with them.

Also… can we take a quick moment to acknowledge this photo to the left?!? I was cracking up when this photo happened because the mugs really say it all!… hahah J/K. Scout was actually an angel the entire time taking photos and was sleeping. I was snapping some photos of her and Davey and she woke up and realized a hat was on her head. She is not a big fan of hats even though she totally rocks them!



I can’t believe Christmas is soooo soon! Like….. this week soon!!! Jake and I still have some fun activities on our bucket list with the girls we would like to do to celebrate! We want to make homemade ornaments with their hand prints, do a Christmas Eve movie fort, walk around the mall (it’s always so fun around the holidays), read the Nativity story, and watch on some more Christmas movies! Oh and I want to take pictures of the girls in their Christmas stockings with their cute head and arms popping out of the top! While they are still under 10 pounds and so tiny I thought it would be so cute to get a picture of them in their stockings that they can look back at when they are older!

Is there anything you would like to do before Christmas?! Thanks so much for stopping by today! Hope you have a wonderful day!

HIS LOOK: Top | Bottoms | Slippers

HER LOOK: Matching PJ Set | Slippers

GIRLS LOOK: Hats | Onsie | Bottoms



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  • Amy Johnson
    December 22, 2019

    So adorable! Such blessings!

  • Ruth Josey
    December 25, 2019

    Awwww! So precious and even Zeke has his coordinating bandana! The naughty/nice mug shot is so funny! They do develop opinions and personalities so early, don’t they? And your cookies are works of art – no wonder they took so long to decorate! You have a lot of wonderful traditions to get through, I hope you get to do them all. Just wait til the girls get to the age where they want to start doing a “Christmas Play” for you. My sis and I always did that and it just became part of our family’s tradition. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas (I already know it’s a blessed one)!


Christmas Plaid
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree