Why I Picked The Thule Sleek Stroller For My Twins

Putting Our Stroller To Work!

Many of you have been asking what stroller we decided to go with for our twins. We really wanted to take the time using our stroller, testing it out, and really putting it to the test before we shared our full review. Jake and I have loved our stroller since the moment we took it out of the box, but we knew it was important to be able to share with you WHY we love it, and what makes it so awesome!

Before we decided what stroller to go with I did tons of research. I talked to other twin parents, tested out strollers, etc. There were a few strollers Jake and I were trying to decide between. We ended up going with the Thule Sleek stroller. It has really been an awesome stroller and so perfect for our twin girls!

We have taken our Thule Sleek stroller on 3 road trips, to Disneyland, the beach, the desert, and walks every day for the past 9 months! We use this stroller all the time and really love it!

What We Were Looking For In A Twin Stroller

For Jake and I, we wanted a stroller that is light, compact, durable and had a narrow footprint. I wanted something I can easily lift into the back of the car and get out myself. We also wanted something that was high quality and would last us years and years. Disneyland size approved was another deal breaker for us! I also wanted a storage compartment below that could be fully closed. With those wants in mind, we went and tested out strollers. (For all the strollers we tested out, you can find those here.) The Thule Sleek is what fit our needs, plus it had such a smooth ride, we were sold.

Today I can’t wait to share with you all our review of the Thule Sleek stroller and what makes it so great.

Thule Sleek Stroller

This is the Thule Sleek stroller without all the adapters for twins on it. As you can see it has a nice storage compartment below. The storage can be left open, or completely closed. My mom has gotten her wallet stolen out of a stroller with an open bottom, so I wanted something that would completely close.

Not only does this compartment completely close, it zips and velcros shut! I have tried a few different diaper bag styles (Large Fawn Bag, JuJuBe BFF) in the bottom and all of them fit with some room to spare. I love that the compartment will close shut so I can leave my diaper bag open in it. It’s nice to be able to leave my diaper bag in the compartment and easily pull out the items to make a bottle and not have to put my bag on the ground.

Thule Sleek With Double Bassinets

We were not planning on getting bassinets for our stroller, but I am so glad we did! Our girls were born at the start of winter and so we wanted to have something cozy and warm for our girls to be in when we went out on walks. The bassinets themselves are pretty spacious and roomy! Our girls first shared one till they got too big and each got their own. Although the bassinets are on top of each other when on the stroller, they are spread out enough to give the babies room.

The bassinets are really well made and have really cozy fabrics inside that can be unzipped/removed and washed. Another great thing about the bassinets is they pack down flat so they can be stored easier.

When the girls were little babes we LOVED having the bassinets when we were out and about so we had a clean place to set the babies down if we needed to. On our trip to Disneyland we also used the bassinets for our girls to sleep in at night time. We just took the bassinets off the stroller and put them on the floor for our girls to have a cozy bed.

The bassinets are really easy to take on and off the Thule Sleek stroller. I really liked this feature if my girls fell asleep on a walk, I could take the bassinet inside while they kept sleeping.

Thule Sleek With Nuna Pipa Lite LX Car Seats

For our newborn car seats we got our girls the Nuna Pipa Lite LX. I was really drawn to these car seats because they are only 6 pounds each. Wahoo! The car seats snap into adapters on the stroller. They are super easy to use. In fact, I leave the adapters on when I fold up the stroller so when I would pull the stroller out of the car it was ready to go for the car seats. That does take up extra room in my trunk, but I like being able to pull the stroller out and have it ready to go and just pop on the car seats.

I knew I would have doctors appointments and things to go to with the girls that I would need to take them by myself. It was important to me that I could easily and quickly put the car seats on the stroller. The adapters for the car seats work super easy and pretty seamless with the Nuna Pipa Lite LX car seats.

One thing I loved with this stroller is that when the car seats are attached to the adapters, I was still able to lower the carrying handle down. And it works for both upper and lower seats making it super easy to get your baby out for snuggles with friends!

Thule Sleek With Double Sibling Seats

Isn’t this stroller so cute with the sibling seats?! Now that our girls are bigger we have the seat closet to the handle turned the opposite direction. I love that there are so many configurations you can do with this stroller! It’s great because as your kids grow, you can change up your stroller to better fit your needs.

This stroller comes set up for one babe, so to make it for twins you need to purchase a sibling seat and adapters for the second seat.

I love the 5 point buckle on these seats. It’s super easy to use and very secure. The sides of the harness are padded for comfort and hug your baby’s body. It’s all super easy to adjust to as your baby grows.

If you baby falls asleep, there is a handle on the back of the seat to adjust the recline. I found with having the seats pictured like it is to the left, the seats will only recline a little bit. If you want a big recline, take the top seat and flip it so it would be facing you when pushing the stroller. This way if your babies fall asleep, you can recline both chairs all the way back.

The chairs are really easy to switch directions so depending on what where we are going is how I set up the stroller. If we’re at the zoo or aquarium I like to make it so both girls are facing the same direction and can see what’s going on. If we are going on a walk I like the chairs backs to each other so if a babe falls asleep I can reline their chair.

Why We Choose The Thule Sleek Stroller For Our Twins

Now that you have seen how neat this stroller is, I want to share with you why I picked the Thule Sleek stroller for our twins!

Smooth Ride

The Thule Sleek stroller has such a smooth ride and great shocks. We knew this stroller would be great for lots of different roads and terrains. I tried out lots of strollers and I love how smooth this one is! It also has an amazing turning radius and moves amazingly!

Easy To Push One Handed

I love being outdoors and knew I would want to go on walks with the girls and my dog Zeke. He is a BIG dog and I need to be able to have a free hand to hold his leash close by. Especially if we are passing by other dogs. This stroller works great pushing it one handed, and easily!

Compact and Slim

With twins I knew if I wanted to do things with just me and my girls, I needed the stroller to be able to fit through doors, down sidewalks, and fit in the back of my car with ease. This stroller does just that!

Works With Different Configurations

Depending on what we were doing, or where we were going I wanted to be able to mix it up. This stroller can work with car seats, bassinets and sibling seats. Plus you can mix the direction up that those seats/ bassinets are facing. Lots of options and flexibility with this stroller.

Fully Closed Storage Compartment

The storage compartment can be left open to toss things in, or completely closed! Surprisingly…this is a hard feature to find in strollers.

Grows As Our Family Grows

My husband and I knew we wanted more kids in the future, so we needed a stroller that could grow with our family. With this stroller in addition to the sibling seat you can also add a glider board for a 3rd child to stand on.

If you’re trying to find the perfect stroller for your growing family, look no further! Not only is the Thule Sleek perfect for twins, but singletons and mixed ages as well! Please share with us your stroller experience in the comments below!




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    Also expecting twins. When do you think they will outgrow this stroller? I was looking at the Uppababy vista 2 and found out the lower toddler seat can only carry up to 25lbs (about 18mo). So at that point it sounds like the whole thing would be useless after a year and a half. Do you know if this has similar restrictions? Do we just go into this type of purchase knowing that we’ll get 1.5yrs out of it before an upgrade is needed?

    Similarly, how long do you think the car seats will last? As I understand it, those are only for about 6mo and then you’re exclusively using the stroller with the toddler seats. Does that sound right? Been going crazy trying to figure out how long to expect each stage and balance against the investment.

    Thanks so much for this post, as well as the one where you compared the 5 you were looking at! 🙂

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Why I Picked The Thule Sleek Stroller For My Twins