12 Creative and Yummy Ways To Use Your Pumpkins After Halloween

Happy pumpkin season!! After Halloween do you wonder what to do with your pumpkins?!?! Today I am sharing 12 creative and yummy ways to use your pumpkins after Halloween!

12 Creative and Yummy Ways To Use Your Pumpkins After Halloween


1. Paint A Pumpkin

With Thanksgiving coming up, paint your pumpkins! Make them festive for Turkey day! Create a new color pallet and have fun!

2. Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin

No time to paint?! Don’t worry…. decorate your pumpkin like a turkey for Thanksgiving! I saw at Walmart they had pre-made kits with all the supplies! This could be a great activity for kids to do while Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared.

3. Bake Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are always a fun snack! Plus they are super easy to roast up! Here is a super easy step by step recipe here.

4. Make A Pumpkin Puree

I have never made a pumpkin puree before but I want to try it! It seems fun! Here is a recipe from the Pioneer Woman. She said it takes an hour and a half but is so worth the time! I am hoping one of these weekends coming up I can try this!

5. Dinner In A Pumpkin

Don’t let that yummy pumpkin go to waste and use it for dinner! There are lots of great dinner in a pumpkin recipes out there, but there is this one I have been wanting to try here! Growing up, I had a few friends who their moms would make dinners in a pumpkin and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I can’t wait to try this and create a new tradition with my daughters.

6. Make a Pumpkin Planter

Time to use your pumpkin for a craft. Cut off the top, hollow it out and add some flowers! This is a great way to mix up your porch decor, or create a new center piece for your kitchen table.

7. Use Pumpkins As Serving Bowls

Have medium sized pumpkins?! Make up some yummy chilli, or soup, or dare I say….. pumpkin puree! Use your pumpkins as serving dishes! And the best part is, no plates to clean up after 🙂

8. Make A Pumpkin Face Mask

Need a little pampering after a big night of trick or treating?!?! Gut your pumpkin and use the insides for a face mask! This is a great all natural recipe I found here. Pumpkin is packed full of vitamins that are great for hydrating the skin.

9. Use Pumpkin For Compost

If you have a left over pumpkin from any activities above, or you got a lot of pumpkins, use them for compost for your garden! Make sure to remove the seeds so you don’t grow pumpkins everywhere 🙂 If you don’t have a garden going yet, you can also bury your jack-o-lantern in your winter garden where it will enrich the soil.

10. Make A Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Anyone else love seeing birds around?! I saw a DIY on how to make a pumpkin bird feeder and thought it was genius! I want to try this! Pretty sure my girls would love seeing lots of birds around too! Here is the DIY.

11. Turn Your Pumpkin Into Drink Dispenser

Have a party coming up?! Use your pumpkin as a drink dispenser! Hollow it out, add a spout and create the coolest themed drink dispenser! Who needs a hint of lemon in their water when you can have a hint of pumpkin!

12. Donate Your Pumpkins

Our neighborhood does a big pumpkin decorating party for kids. They ask the community to donate pumpkins for everyone to use. See if your neighborhood has any use for your pumpkins.

You could also call around to zoos/pet shelters to see if they have a need for pumpkins. Our local Zoo use pumpkins for the animals to play with/eat pumpkins. Some local organizations will also collect pumpkins for compost for farms. Call around and see what you can find! Lots of great options 🙂

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Thanks so much for stopping by today for 12 creative and yummy ways to use your pumpkins after Halloween. How do you like to use your pumpkins after Halloween?

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancake/Waffle Mix Recipe
12 Creative and Yummy Ways To Use Your Pumpkins After Halloween