Do Not Miss These 3 Attractions At Shanghai Disneyland!

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Ever wanted to visit Shanghai Disneyland?!? Today we are sharing 3 attractions that you will not want to miss!

Jake and I recently went on an early babymoon to Shanghai Disneyland. We had been wanting to visit that park for some time now and decided to go for it! It was so much fun to explore and checkout everything it had to offer! We put together a guide of all our tips and tricks you can catch HERE, but today we are going over 3 attractions to not miss at this theme park!

Three Attractions To Not Miss!

At Shanghai Disneyland there are plenty of attractions and areas that make it unique and awesome! Here are three attractions to NOT MISS:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Tron
  • Wilderness Explorer Challenge Trails

Other notable ride mentions: Once Upon A Time Castle Tour, Alice In Wonderland Maze and Poohs Hunny Pot Spin.

These were all of our favorites from the park and each of these you can’t find at any other Disney park. (Well…Tron is coming soon to America…but…) Each one was super unique and just all around a very cool experience. Let’s dive into each of these attractions and why they are worth the wait, even if the lines are long!


Outfit Details

HIS LOOK- Jacket: Disneyland | Shirt: Ted Baker | Pants: All Saints | Shoes: Vans

HER LOOK- Jacket: ShopDisney | Dress: Asos | Shoes: Converse | Purse: Louis Vuitton | Headband: Etsy | Lipstick: Mac- Chocolatey


Pirates of the Caribbean

This is not your typically Yo Ho Pirates ride. It is unique and like no other Disney ride at any of the parks. The visuals on this ride are incredible! You will be awing out loud the the entire ride! First you start on the ride like on a typical pirates ride boat, but this one has a lap bar. The entire ride is in Chinese, so it’s fun to try and guess what the characters are saying.

During the first part of the ride there are skeleton versions of the dog with the key and the three guys in a jail cell, as well as other homages to the original ride at Disneyland California. Next you are in a room that you feel like you are underwater and there is 360 degrees of tv screen that are ginormous! You will see underwater scenes that make you feel like you are right in the ocean waking up the kraken yourself! When you meet up with Jack Sparrow you find yourself on an adventure to steal Davy Jones treasure! The ride is incredible and one of a kind you will not want to miss! We rode this ride 8 times in 4 days and could of gone on it more it was so good!



A magical rollercoaster with amazing techno music from Daft Punk! Jake rode this ride over and over. He loved it so much! If you head here at the end of the night, you usually can jump on it a few times. I never got to ride this ride since I was 17 weeks pregnant, but loved seeing Jake enjoy it so much! Jake loved the motorcycle style seats, and how fast the ride felt! He said it was the smoothest rollercoaster he had ever been on too! I can’t wait till this ride comes to Walt Disney World so I can ride it! On this ride they have lockers for you to put your belongings in. You can do this ride during the day and evening, but Jake said after dark was his favorite! It is located in Tomorrowland.


Wilderness Explorer Challenge Trails

Ready for the coolest Disney area ever?!!??!?? Have you ever wanted to be a real explorer and go on a unique wilderness adventure?! Where you get to be part of the League of Adventurers in an Indiana Jones/ Jungle Cruise atmosphere!?! Ever since I grew up I have always wanted to be a pirate, and I LOVED that ride, but the Challenge Trails were honestly my personal favorite attraction at Shanghai Disneyland!

For this attraction they have free lockers for you to put all your items in. Then you get harnessed in and geared up for your adventure. There are 3 challenge trails to pick from, but you can only do 1 trail per turn. Our favorite was the trail to the right. It felt the longest out of all of them and really cool adventure! On each trail were diffrent levels of “obstacles” to pick from. So if a obstacle looks hard you can either pick the hard one, or the stable bridge that doesn’t move. There seemed to be about 6+ obstacle areas per trail with 3 different levels of easy-hard to pick from. The options are limitless on this ride!

I wish they let cellphones and cameras on this while on the challenge trails because it is so awesome and has some cool photo opps! If you don’t feel like doing the challenge trails, you can walk around the area or sit on a bench and people watch. Personally, I would recommend going on the trails as many times as you can because it is super unique! They nailed the ambience and fun aspect! If you are in a skirt/dress you can still do this activity, just know you will have a harness around your legs!


Once Upon A Time Castle Tour

When we first arrived at Shanghai Disneyland we had no idea whose castle was here. It is HUGE!!!! Really though, the castle is ginormous! We have been to every Disney park except the ones in Tokyo and this by far is the largest castle by far! Walking around it is really fun, and it has some cool shops as well as the Royal Banquet Hall in it.

You can find the Once Upon A Time walking castle tour entrance on the backside of the castle. After doing the tour we learned it was Snow Whites Castle. Throughout the castle it had homages to all the Disney princesses, but the main plot is about Snow White.

There are a ton of stairs on this walking tour. We didn’t get a chance to check if there was an option for no stairs, but I bet they have a sitting room like at Disneyland CA.

During the tour you walk to walk to different rooms that share Snow Whites journey to meeting Prince Charming. There are super fun visuals, but beware…the Evil Queen is stirring up some trouble with her caldron! Don’t worry though, it has a very happy ending! Snow White sings her classic songs and it’s so cute to hear them in Chinese.

The castle itself is so beautiful and they really did a great job on the inside for the tour! In our books this is a do not miss attraction! We walked through it a few times on our adventure to Shanghai Disneyland and wished we got to go through it more!



Alice In Wonderland Maze

Are you dying at how cool this wonderland maze is?!?? It is pretty big too, so there are lots of areas to explore! You can find the Alice In Wonderland Maze in Fantasyland right behind the castle. There are 3 main sections that you can explore but personally the Red Queens area was our fav! All the details here were so on point and super cool. You feel just like you are in her castle gardens waiting for a croquet ball to fly by!

The unique thing about this Alice In Wonderland Maze is it is based off the live action Alice in Wonderland movies. (Hong Kong Disneyland Alice’s Maze is based off the original cartoon movie). After walking through the maze I realized I need to catch up on my Alice movies! There are so many more details I probably would of picked up on if I had watched those before our trip!

This is something you can walk through fast or take your time looking at everything. There are tons of little nooks, and interactive areas to check out. The walkways are wide enough to push a stroller through if you have little ones with you as well. I am guessing though they will want to hop out and explore it though 🙂

On your way out, don’t forget to grab some tea with the Mad Hatter and try on one of his hats!


Poohs Hunny Pot Spin!

If you are familiar with Alice In Wonderland Tea Cups, this ride is super similar but all Winnie The Pooh Themed! Personally, I love the honey and bees theme more! Such a darling ride with cute details everywhere you look! This ride does spin faster than the traditional tea cups, but you have control to spin faster and faster if you want!

Poohs Hunny Pot Spin is located smack in the middle of Fantasyland. It’s right next to the Winnie The Pooh Ride too so if you love this silly ol’ bear you can double dip in the fun 🙂



Well that is a wrap on todays post! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining us for 3 do not miss attractions at Shanghai Disneyland! Hope you have a wonderful week!

If you want to join us on these attractions you can catch the fun our Shanghai Disneyland Vlogs here.

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