Yellowstone Bear World!

Yellowstone Bear World Review
Yellowstone Bear World Review
Yellowstone Bear World Review
Yellowstone Bear World Review
Yellowstone Bear World Review
Yellowstone Bear World Review
Yellowstone Bear World Review
Yellowstone Bear World Review

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AHHHH BEAR WORLD! It is such a fun place!  Bear World is a drive thru animal park that is full of bears!  They also have some cute rides, feeding the bear options, petting zoo and gift shop!  This was our second time going to bear world.  We got there

Bear World is located close to Idaho Falls, Idaho in a little small area called Rexburg.  Its right off the side of the freeway, so it is super easy to get to.  Address is 6010 South Bear World Road, Rexburg ID 83440.

Since bears do hibernate, Bear World is not open all year long.  It is typically open from beginning of May to end of October.  So if you are driving through this year, there is still time to stop by till the 23rd!

Adult tickets are $16.95, Seniors $15.95, Children (ages 3-10) $10.95.  If you have a full car (up to 7 people) you can pay by car for $74.95.  The rides and petting zoo are free.  If you want to do the baby bear bottle feeding it is $45 a person.  I am a fan of doing the bottle feeding because you get to pet the baby bears and feed them!

When you arrive to Bear World there are lots of signs out so you don’t miss it on the side of the highway.  When you pull up to the drive thru park there is a fun entrance sign like you are driving into Jurassic Park!  Its awesome 🙂 Before you drive through the park, the workers will instruct you on speed limit, safety, etc.  Driving through the park you will not only see bears of all kinds, but you will see buffalo, goats, wolves, deer, moose and other animals native to yellowstone.

At the petting zoo, the animals are all super friendly!  It does help to have some spare quarters on hand to get some animal feed for them!  There are goats, pigs, deer, birds of all kinds, etc.

For food, there is a little food hut that has ice cream, burgers, chicken fingers, etc.  Inside the gift shop they also have homemade fudge and prepackaged treats.  We got some fries and ice cream after feeding the baby bears, and the treats hit the spot!

There are fun little rides that are free to go on, and you can go as many times as you want!  They are made for little kids, but we went on the rides and had fun 🙂  Theres a little train, bear tea cups, mini rollercoaster, etc.

-Bear World is an animal park, so if you can be there around feeding times, morning or evening it is a good time to see the animals more active and out and about!  Animals tend to be more active at these times and makes for some cool animal sitings!
-When driving through the animal park you are not allowed to roll down your windows, so make sure they are clean so you can see through them and snap some clean pictures
-If you are driving through the area, this is a great pit stop to see some cool bears and get out side, stretch your legs and let your kiddos play!
-If you want to do the animal feedings, get tickets in advance so you can book the time you want.  Or if you are driving through, make sure to stop and get tickets for the feeding before you do anything else at the park.
-Bring a zoom lens for your camera.  In some areas the animals will walk right across the road and others they may be hanging out in the shade or further away from you, so if you can zoom on your camera lens, you can get up close and personal with the animal without them being disrupted.
-You could spend all day at the park or a few hours!  You can drive through the park as many times as you want to see the bears with your day pass.  We spent 5 hours at the park and felt we had plenty of time to do everything we wanted!

If you want to see more of Bear World, the fun animals we saw, or feeding some cute baby bears, here is a link to our vlog from the day!  Thanks for stopping by today! Have a good one 🙂


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  1. LyddieGal

    Oh my gosh! You got to feed the baby bear! That is too cute, and it looks like the park is a really fun place to spend the day and get up close to some amazing animals.

  2. ♥♥ Shiki Neko ♥♥

    Lovely post and I love that you made 'his look' part too. *w*
    The baby bear is really cute.
    Have a nice day
    xoxo, Shiki
    [Beauty and Destroy]


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