Disneyland Day TWO!

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Day two! wahoo!!! A cute grandma took our picture in the teacup. I want to be old someday and play at Disneyland too!
Jake is so strong, despite the fact that sword is cemented in the stone. I think that is the only reason he could not pull it out. I told him if he pulled it out I would buy him a churro, but he failed so he didn’t get one.
A flaming dragon, and a boy named Jake.
Oh, matching shoes.
Ice cream on main street is the best! Oh and the yummy, yummy cones!
Yes, I gave in and had to get the Yoda backpack! But look at his face, how can you pass that up? I couldn’t. This is the best purchase I have made in my entire life. I haven’t looked back since. There is also a Chubacca backpack, and since now R2D2, and Yoda, are together, somehow Chubbaca must come into the mix.
Jake’s friends Athena and Greg live in California and came to Join us for the day at Disneyland! It was a blast to have them with us! They are regulars at Disneyland, so it was fun to have people with the same dedication and love to Disneyland as us with us.
Yoda is now my child. He is held everywhere we go. We are on a train right now to go visit some ancient dinosaurs.
Bread bowls again! Yes! Gumbo this time though! Oh wow, the gumbo is so yummy. I must ask Walter for the recipe.
Splash mountain! Yoda was scared so I put him in my sweatshirt so he would be safe. He is looking away from the camera right now because he is scared for what is coming up. Athena and Greg got soaked. Funny.
Yoda has a surprisingly fat hand, and pickle to eat. Who would guess that out of anywhere, Disneyland has the most juicy, scrumtrillescent pickles to eat.
Even though Jake didn’t pull the sword out of the stone, he still got a churro for being a good boy.
Walking down main street to go over to California Adventure. Time for some roller coasters!

Great faces from all in attendance. We were riding Tower of Terror.Yoda baby.
I love how Disney is very family orientated. A bug family.
Yum, candy corn!
Our scores improved for the day on the Toy Story 3D ride. I was sad because I was beating Jake the entire time, and on the last round he beat me. Its ok, I guess you could say I let him win.
Bryce, Amber and Mom came to play with us at night time to ride some rides and go to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.
I have the cutest mom ever! I love her so much!
This was alot harden than I expected. I guess I should give Jake more credit.
Waiting in line at the dumbo ride! Wahoo for flying elephants.
A lime green dumbo.
Best friends for life.
Getting ready to ride its a small world!
I heard they had to lower the water level because Americans are becoming obese and were making the water overflow. 🙁 No more churros for me. FALSE! eat more and walk around Disneyland more!!!!!!!

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  • Hayley
    March 8, 2010

    once again- lots of laughs!! We especially loved the freakish yoda baby and the matching converse. and that you managed to take 10 pictures of the sword and the stone and that you ripped off Disneyland their 20 bucks for the picture! hay and aub 🙂

  • Anonymous
    May 25, 2018

    Where did you get he yoda backpack

Disneyland Day TWO!