Chocolate Covered Valentines Rice Crispy Pops

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Here are the supplies you need! First you need to make rice crispy treats, or buy already made ones. One batch of rice crispy, makes about 12 medium sized hearts. If you dont have a recipe for rice crispys use this:
Rice Crispys-
Need: 1/4 stick of butter, 40 large marshmallows, 5 cups of rice crispys
Directions: Put 1/4 stick of butter in big pan on stove until it melts. Then add marshmallows until they become a new sticky form and stir in rice crispys. Put the finished mix in a greased pan to cool off.

1. Make rice crispys (or buy already made rice crispy treats) and use your heat shape cutter to cut out the hearts. Dont mind the orange, I used orange marshmallows….

One batch of rice crispys will make about 12 hearts.

2. Melt your chocolate. While you are melting the chocolate in your melter, or microwave, get out your pan of already cut out hearts to start to make holes in them for the candy sticks. If your chocolate is not melting great, add 1/2 tbsp of crisco to help soften your chocolate. ( you could forget the candy sticks all together and just dip half the heart into chocolate. That would be really cute!)

 3. While the chocolate is preheating, poke the sticks where you would want them to be in the rice crispy. Do this for all of your hearts.

4. When your chocolate is melted,  put your stick end in the chocolate, and then put it into the the hole in your rice crispy. Do this for all of the rice crispys, and then put them in the fridge for about 10 minutes. By putting the sticks in chocolate, it will harden and hold on to the rice crispy so when you dip the whole thing in chocolate, it wont fall off the stick and get lost in the yummy chocolate.

5. Now time for the fun part! Dip the entire rice crispy into the chocolate, and then decorate! Sprinkles are always great! Or you can use the opposite color of chocolate to drizzle on the other color.

Eat and enjoy! The best part 🙂

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