Four Seasons Resort Orlando Florida at Walt Disney World Resort

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Four Seasons Resort Orlando

When Jake and I went to Orlando for a Disney adventure we got to stay at the Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World.  It was so gorgeous and such a fun place to stay, we already can’t wait to go back and visit again!

 The Four seasons is awesome because it inside the Walt Disney World Bubble.  It’s easy to get to any of the parks,  the hotel itself is AMAZING, and all around a fun place to stay!  The hotel had a free shuttle that you could take to and from the parks which was convenient.

The Lobby

Oh my!! Aren’t these chandeliers just gorgeous!?!?! When you walk into Four Seasons Resort Orlando these babies are the first thing you see! They are stunning and the view behind them overlooks a beautiful lake!  It sure is a great warm welcome to the Resort!

Services and Amenities

There are so many fun activities to do at the Resort from Splash Pads, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Complimentary Kids Camp, Water Slides, Rock Climbing Wall, Adult Pool, Family Pool, Beautiful Gym, etc.  Seriously you name it and it probably exists here!  There is so much to do and see you could spend a week here just at the Resort exploring and having fun!

There were a few things we were able to experience at the Resort that we really enjoyed that we wanted to share with you.  We wish we had time for more while we were there, but these are a few things we really enjoyed!

  • EXPLORER ISLAND- We could see Explorer Island out our bedroom balcony and what a site it is! Its HUGE! There is an adult pool, kids pools, lazy river, pool tables, ping pong, water slides, rock wall, volleyball, and the list goes on!
  • LAZY RIVER-  My favorite was the lazy river! It opened early in the morning and I would go around the river over and over.  I loved the early morning because I had the entire place to myself!  The lazy river is surrounded by palm trees, beautiful scenery, and feels so luxurious.   There was a part that had a fun waterfall and it was fun to sit under it and get drenched!
  • SPA-  We had such a fun time at the SPA getting a Honey Massage.  It was so fun because they have couples room where you can both get a treatment at the same time.  Jake and I were both obsessed with the Honey Massage.  They pour warm honey on you while you get massaged and it leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth.   After you massage they prepare a warm shower for you to rinse off.  Your skin feels so incredible after!  After you get a treatment you get a treat, fun drink and get to relax in such a gorgeous room.   They had these really cool lounge chair with cozy blankets you could use.  I wish I had some pictures of it all, but I wanted to enjoy the full experience and didn’t bring my camera.


There are several restaurants and lounges at the Resort, but since we were on a tight schedule we were only able to make it to one!  We got to eat a super fun meal at Capa.  Just thinking about this meal is making me hungry!  My favorite item we ordered was the Chef selection of cured meats.  It really was the most amazing dish I have ever eaten!  I seriously dream about this!

At Capa you can sit out side and enjoy drinks while watching the fireworks.  Our waiter was amazing and knew all the firework times so we went out and watched 3 diffrent firework shows during our meal!

The Room

When you have long days of being out and about, there is nothing better than coming back to a beautiful room with a comfy bed!  We slept so well while we were at the FS Orlando!  I wish I got a picture of the bathroom.  There was a tv in the mirror which was super cool and large shampoo, conditioner, and lotion! I was a huge fan of that!

Disney Views

We loved being able to catch a few firework shows out on our balcony.   It was fun to hang out in our chairs and enjoy the fireworks!  You can see Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios all from your window so if you time it right you can catch the firework show from all 3 in one evening!

There were so many picture perfect spots around the property, we couldn’t help but stop and take pictures before we headed out for the Disney parks each day!   We took these photos right in front of the valet when you walk into the Resort entrance.

The Vlog

If you want to see more of Four Seasons Orlando and our adventures at their, check out our Vlog below!

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Four Seasons Resort Orlando Florida at Walt Disney World Resort