20 FUN Budget Friendly Valentine Dates

Looking for a unique and fun Valentines date that won’t break the bank?!! Today we are sharing 20 budget friendly Valentine dates you are sure to have a blast!

With Valentines right around the corner it’s time to plan a fun time with your loved ones! Whether you are single, dating or married, this can be such a fun holiday to celebrate! Since Jake and I are finishing up IVF, our goal this year for Valentines is some budget friendly dates! We really like to do a Valentines Extravaganza and pick out a few fun dates to celebrate all week long.

Fun Budget Friendly Valentine Date Ideas

  • Have a homemade fondue night for dinner. You could start with a cheese fondue, and end with a chocolate fondue. YUM!
  • Learn to make sushi together for a romantic dinner at home.
  • Make a cozy blanket fort and have a movie marathon.
  • Light some candles, dim the lights, turn on some music and slow dance. Spend the evening dancing the night away.
  • Create a spa like atmosphere and give each other massages. You can always book a couples massage but something so fun about making a set up at home!
  • Find pictures and quotes that inspire and motivate you both. Create a dream board of what you want your life together to look like.
  • Grab a blanket and head outdoors to go star gazing.
  • Pop some popcorn, throw some blankets in the back of the car and head to the Drive-In Movies!
  • Buy a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s. While it is baking, create a tasty dessert you can share together later while watching a romantic movie.
  • Go to the LEGO store and pick out a set to put together. Spend the evening listening to fun music and building a Lego set!
  • Put on your walking shoes and go for a late night stroll or hike together. Talk about goals and dreams you want to accomplish together.


  • Laser tag anyone?!?! Seriously this is such a fun and inexpensive date that can start the mood off right!
  • Find a place to make pottery together or to paint pottery! Why not have your own “Ghost moment“?!!?
  • Make storybooks of your dating history. You can buy blank books with white pages and make a picture book, or get crafty on the computer! This is fun to each do and see the same story from each persons perspective.
  • Bowling is always a blast! Check out and see if you an alley nearby does Kosmic nights where everything glows! This is a great date especially if you live in a cold state during this time of year!
  • The movie theater is always a hit! Just make sure to purchase movie tickets before Valentines so the show you want to see does not sale out. Don’t forget the milk duds!
  • Looking for a fun service date?! Volunteer to babysit so your neighbors can go out on Valentines. Have fun and create a fun filled Valentines themed night for the kids!
  • Paint Balling anyone!?! This is such a fun activity to do and may bring out a whole new side of our partner!
  • Plays some games at an Arcade Center! We have a few of these around but if you don’t have one a Chuckie Cheese should do it! Each get $20 in tokens and go have some fun playing games together!
  • Take a flash back in time to a roller rink! Skate the night away and have fun holding hands down memory lane.

HER LOOK- Dress: Asos | Shoes: Dolce Vita | Earrings: Babble Bar | Lipstick: Colourpop- Belle | Dino Purse: Kate Spade | Hair Extensions: Barefoot Blonde Hair

HIS LOOK- Blazer: Asos (only $33) | Pants: All Saints | Shirt: Banana Republic | Shoes: Converse


Thanks for stopping by today to join us for some fun budget friendly Valentine date ideas! Do you have any fun plans for Valentines?! We would love to hear what you are planning on doing in the comments below!

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20 FUN Budget Friendly Valentine Dates