5 Must Watch Christmas Movies

Anyone else LOVE watching Christmas movies?!?! Every year Jake and I love to make a fort on Christmas Eve and watch movies all night long. This year with it being the twins first Christmas, we wanted to make our fort early to start the celebration! Time to introduce these two to some holiday classics! Today we wanted to share our top 5 must watch holiday movies for the season!

5 Must Watch Christmas Movies

There are tons of fun movies for the holidays but we wanted to list our top 5 favorites we make sure to watch every year!

  1. Santa Clause Series- I love these movies! 1, 2, 3 are all so good, but 3 is probably my favorite! I grew up watching these movies on the Disney channel. These movies never disappoint, so good!
  2. Home Alone 1,2– A serious Christmas classic! I can’t wait till the girls get older and can watch these two movies! Or maybe they might get some unwanted mischievous ideas….. hehehe
  3. Jingle All The Way– Anyone else an Arnold Shwartzenegger fan?!
  4. Christmas Vacation– Chevy Chase is amazing in this movie! How he decorates the house for Christmas, or torments the neighbors?!?! It is all tooo good!
  5. Elf– Oh my….. this is one movie I could watch all year long and over and over! Buddy the Elf is very excited Christmas and goes on an adventure to NYC. If you haven’t seen this movie before, run… go watch it now!

Do you have any favorite Christmas movies you love to watch every year?!

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5 Must Watch Christmas Movies