Planning a trip to Disneyland and wondering when you should go?! Don’t worry…we got you covered! Today we are sharing how you can find out what the crowds are like on any given day, as well as the best times of year to visit!

Girls Trip To Disneyland

Middle of January I went on a girls trip to Disneyland! It was such a magical time being with some of my besties! We had such a great time and there were seriously noooo crowds! Don’t believe me?! You can watch our VLOG here and see for yourself! We ran on almost every ride the 3 days we were there! The longest we waited in line was 25 minutes at the Matterhorn. Between the no crowds and using the Disney MaxPass, we got to on all the rides we wanted multiple times and got to walk around with no crowds.

Going to Disneyland is always a blast, and if you can only go during a crowded time… still go, you’ll still have fun! But… if you can time a Disneyland trip just right….. it will be a trip for the books! Trust me…. it’s worth missing school and work for!

So that leads us to……….

When is the best time of the year to visit Disneyland?!?!


Outfit Details

Minnie Bow Headband: Shanghai Disneyland| Sweater: Target (it’s on sale!)| Jeans: Good American | Sneakers: Converse | Fanny Pack: Rebecca Minkoff

When Is the Best Time Of Year To Visit Disneyland?

There are lots of great times of the year to visit Disneyland! There are 3 times of the year I LOVE to visit Disneyland and there is always hardly any crowds! When we go during these times of year we try to do Monday-Thursday. Middle of the week is typically less crowded in general.

My first favorite middle of January. It’s right after the Christmas holidays and people are typically not traveling. Save your Christmas money and go to Disneyland in January!

My second favorite time is end of September. You will catch all the Halloween Decor, attend Mickey’s Halloween Party/Oogie Boogies and have minimal crowds!

My third favorite time is right before they put up the Christmas decor which is beginning of November. Christmas decor usually is all up by the 7ish of November. Each year its slightly different. It is always so chill at Disneyland before the Holiday crowds arrive! Plus they have all the Christmas merchandise early so you get first dibs on all the goodies!


Outfit Details

Mickey Hat: Cake Worthy | Sweater: H and M (loving this Mickey sweater) | Jeans: Good American | Shoes: Converse | Fanny Pack: Rebecca Minkoff


How Can I Find Out What The Crowds Will Be Like At Disneyland?

Have you heard of the Disneyland Crowd Calendar? There are a few out there but THIS ONE is my favorite! Before we plan any Disney trip, we look at this calendar. Its super easy to read with a color coordinated calendar. Underneath the calendar it even tells you holidays and events to be aware of!

That way if the only time you can visit is during a crowded time, at least you can be aware and prepare for it! At Disneyland they have the MaxPass system, so that can really help out on a crowded day!


Thanks for stopping by today and joining us to find out the best time of year to visit Disneyland! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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