4 Things That Made A Difference In Our IVF Process

Before we did IVF I spent a ton of time researching what people did that really helped improve their chances for success. Anyone I knew that did IVF I asked if I could meet with them to learn about their experience. (I met with 15+ IVF families.) After doing this, I found 4 things that people did that seemed to really help during their IVF process. Today I am sharing those 4 things and how they helped Jake and I end up with our 2 miracle babies!

4 Things We DID That Made A Difference In Our IVF Process

ONE- Cleaned Up Our Diet

7 months before we started IVF Jake and I knew it was time to make some big changes in our eating. We knew we wanted to be more healthy and also have our bodies ready for the entire IVF process. My sister introduced us to a lifestyle plan called Bright Line Eating. After listening to the book, it made sense to us and we went for it! Jake and I loved it so much we still follow the plan as closely we can these days.

This may not be for everyone, but for us it helped us have the mental clarity we needed during the process. One thing I loved about Bright Line Eating is you plan your meals the day before for the following day. Taking out little decisions like what to eat for each meal helped us be able to focus on IVF and be in the moment. Changing the way we ate was a big commitment and change, but we loved the way we felt and know it helped our bodies be ready as they could be for IVF!

Two- Acupuncture

This was something I really enjoyed and did throughout IVF up until 13 weeks pregnant. I would recommend finding an acupuncturist who is familiar with the IVF process. You want someone who is going to be able to help pin point certain areas during your IVF process.

I visited Bea Hammond from Harmony Acupuncture. She was seriously like my IVF therapist and I really enjoyed every time I got to meet with her. Bea was great at asking questions to see where I was at mentally and physically. She is also super educated in the IVF process. I love how she was great at helping me know what to ask my doctor/nurses to be prepared for the next steps. She helped me learn I have to be proactive in the process! If you have never done acupuncture it is totally worth a try!

THREE- Neupogen

I read about this on Jenica’s Parcells blog. After she had 2 failed IVF attempts, she felt in her 3rd round this Neupogen wash really helped! (Her 3rd IVF round was successful with twins.) After reading that, I called our IVF coordinator and asked about Neupogen. She told me it acts as a sticky velcro for the embryos to attach to. Essentially it’s extra baby sticky vibes! I was sold! We had our IVF coordinator order some, and it was administered 5 days before our embryo transfer!

This is something most doctors/ nurses don’t mention because it’s not part of the standard IVF procedure. If this is something you want to learn more about, make sure you ask your doctor! Neupogen typically has to be injected by a nurse or doctor 5 days before an embryo transfer. It was around $500 for the injection but really worth it in my mind.

Four- Mindset

Lastly, mindset! Just like anything we can be going through in life, it’s really important to have a positive mindset. Yes there are factors in IVF you can’t control, and parts of it that can stretch us. And yes, IVF might not have the outcome you want. But you can’t think that way in the process. Keep your vision clean and clear of what you want. Focus on a positive outcome! Mindset is key! Keep your mind focused on the best outcome possible!

Try listening to a motivating podcast or book for 10 minutes to start your day! Mediate. Look to God. When we were doing IVF I kept a gratitude journal and at the end of each day would write a few things I was grateful for that day. Take this time to focus on your journey and try to love every moment of it! YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you are gong through IVF or infertility, talk to as may people you can about their infertility journey. Doing that really helped me learn and get great ideas for our own process. Everyones journey is unique, different and beautiful in it’s own way. I know these 4 things are not a “Magic Formula” but after talking to lots of friends that did IVF, these were things that continued to pop up as helping factors in their journey.

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Thanks for stopping by today! If you ever need an infertility friend, or a listening ear let me know! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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4 Things That Made A Difference In Our IVF Process