My Favorite Breakfast- Bright Line Eating Approved

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Looking for a yummy and easy Bright Line Eating breakfast recipe?!? Today I am sharing my go-to breakfast and how to make it last all week long!

Anyone else have a favorite breakfast they make on repeat?!?!? This breakfast is currently my go-to every day. I have shown it a few times on Instagram and keep getting questions about it so I thought it was time to put it in writing.

The great thing about this recipe is it is hearty, tasty, easy to make, and Bright Line Eating approved! You can meal prep this meal to so it’s quick to make the rest of the week. I share more about that below under Meal Prep.


1 egg (Mens BLE portion is 2 eggs)

1oz Tillamook Thick Cut Medium Cheddar Cheese (I have tried other cheeses with this, but I swear this specific cheese makes this meal sooo good! This big cheese bag is from Costco.)

8oz+ Raw Potato Melody (You will want 4oz cooked when finished for BLE portions. I love a mixed bag of red and yellow potatoes. I buy this bag at Costco for $7.99 and it works for breakfast for Jake and 8-9 days.)

Avocado Cooking Spray (Or any cooking spray will do! This is my favorite though! Never burns.)

Cholula Hot Sauce

Kosher Salt (If you have not tried Kosher salt…go get some asap! No joke, its that good! Its a thicker salt and makes everything taste so good!)

Meal Prep

This is a great breakfast to meal prep. I will cook up a huge batch of potatoes at the beginning of the week to last for the rest of the week. In the pictures below you can see how I weigh and measure out 4 oz of potatoes in tupperware to keep in the fridge. You can also weigh out 1oz of cheese to go as well.

To reheat the potatoes, I spray the pan with avocado spray, and heat the potatoes for about 5 minutes. Then I add the egg and cheese.


First start with your potatoes. Poke holes with a fork a few times in each potatoes. Put your potatoes in a tubberwear and heat up for 5-7 minutes in the microwave.

While your potatoes are cooking in the microwave, grab your scale and measure out 1 oz of cheese onto a plate.

Once potatoes are cooked, cut up the potatoes into small pieces to be added to your pan. Spray your pan with avocado oil and add in your cut potatoes. Cook the potatoes for about 5-10 minutes until browned on the edges. (If the potatoes are not browning, spray a little avocado cooking spray on them.) Salt and pepper to taste. When your potatoes are done, weight out 4oz of cooked potato’s to your plate with 1oz of cheese on it.

Time to cook your egg. In an empty pan spray avocado cooking oil and crack your egg. Then dump your plate of potatoes and cheese by your egg. As your egg cooks mix it all up till egg is cooked and cheese is melted. Salt and pepper to taste.

When everything is cooked, put it back on your plate and drizzle with Chulua sauce! Just trust me on this one…. the CHULUA MAKES IT!

If you are doing BLE, you also get 6oz of fruit with this meal! I usually do a banana or 6oz of grapes.

How To Mix Up This Meal

I love this breakfast so much because if I am feeling like I want to mix it up, it’s super easy to! A few ways I like to mix it up:

  • Instead of cheddar cheese use mozzarella cheese. It’s also fun to add some chillies as part of your 6oz fruit portion.
  • In place of 6 oz of fruit, add 6 oz of fresh veggies and make a big egg, potato, cheese and veggie scramble! Spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms are my favorites!
  • Forget the cheese and do 2 eggs for your protein. If I make it this way I like to make the eggs over easy and put them on top of the potatoes verse scrambling it all together.


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My Favorite Breakfast- Bright Line Eating Approved