Cute & Simple Way To Wrap Christmas Presents – Pom Pom DIY

Looking for a fun and simple way to wrap Christmas presents?! Try this fun pom pom method! Once you wrap one present this way, you will want to wrap them all with fun pom poms!

How To Wrap A Present With A Pom Pom

Anyone else love wrapping presents?!?! There is something so fun about it to me! Growing up my mom always put me in-charge of wrapping everyones presents since I enjoyed it so much. Today I wanted to share a super cute, easy and simple way to wrap presents. Pom Pom wrapped presents sure make a cute statement under the Christmas tree. All you need is some yarn, scissors, wrapping paper and a present! Let’s get started!

P.S. If you have a few family members, each person could have a different color pom pom or wrapping paper for their presents so you can skip the gift tags!

Here is also a little video with all the steps! From below! Happy wrapping 🙂


4-6 Yarn Colors

I like to get the chunky thick yarns. It’s nice to get a few different textures and colors of yarn but you can use all the same color as well. Hobby Lobby, Joann, Micheals and Walmart are good places to shop for a variety of textures and colors of yarn.


Any will do, but fabric scissors cut super well with yarn!

Kraft Paper

You can use any wrapping paper, but I love wrapping with kraft paper! Really lets the pom pom shine!

Presents Or Empty Boxes To Wrap

If you wrap empty boxes you can use the same “presents” under the Christmas tree each year 😉 Or you can always reuse your pom poms you make!


First off we are going to make a pom pom. Find the ends of all your yarns and put them in a pile like so. For this you will want 4-6 thicker yarns.


Grab all all the yarn ends at one time like the picture above. You will want to use your thumb to hold down the yarn so it stays in place.


Wrap the yarn around your hand 18-20 times. If you are using thinner yarn you will want to wrap the yarn around your hand more. When in doubt, add a few more loops around your hand to create a fuller pom pom. Once you have wrapped the yarn around your hand till you have a large bundle, cut the strings. If you want a smaller pom pom only loop around 3 fingers. If you want a bigger pom pom, spread your fingers wide and wrap around to create a larger pom pom.


Keeping the yarn bundle in the same position, slide it off your hand and place gently on a flat surface.

Cut one 12 inch strand of yarn.


Place the yarn bundle centered in the middle of the strand of yarn.

Tie a tight knot with the strand of yarn.


Now is the fun part! Take your scissors and cut the loops. This will start to form your pom pom ball. Cut down the middle of all the loops till there are no more.


Once the loops are cut, trim any extra long yarn pieces so all the ends have a similar length.


Now you are done with your pom pom. Grab your present and wrap it with kraft paper. Take the same yarn you made your pom pom and tie it around the box. Keep one set of yarn ties long to tie the pom pom with. You can watch how I tie the yarn to the present here.


Place the pom pom in the middle of the box. Take your long yarn left and tie around the pom pom. Knot it, cut off the extra length so it matches your pom pom. DONE! Put your present under the tree and enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! If you get a chance to make some pom pom presents I would love to see what you create! Hope you have a wonderful day! Happy wrapping!


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  • Rose
    November 10, 2021

    Love it! Also love your tree garland.. tell us what it is please! Thanks

  • Jordan
    December 12, 2021

    Love it, and wrapping like this, this year! I made to switch to brown paper a few years ago and always look for a new way to dress it up. Making the pompom was super easy and super cute! I’m expecting many “too pretty to open” comments this year!

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Cute & Simple Way To Wrap Christmas Presents – Pom Pom DIY