11 Simple Ways To Add Holiday Cheer To Any Space For Your Little Ones

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Wanting to make Christmas extra special for your little ones this year?!?! Here are 11 simple ideas you can do to make their “space” extra magical for the holidays!

Simple Ways To Add Holiday Cheer To Any Space For Your Little Ones

Anyone else getting excited for Christmas?!?! I am a big fan of decorating for the holidays! Ever since I had my twin girls I have dreamed of decorating a special space for them! We recently made a play room and I have been so excited to add a few touches of holiday cheer to it! Whether it’s a bedroom or play room, today I am sharing a few ideas to add to a space to make Christmas extra special for your little ones. All of these ideas you can do one of them, a few of them or all of them! Any of them are sure to add a smile to your little ones face.


I am a huge garland fan! They are such a simple decoration that adds so much! Plus they are easy to hang and transform a space. Pom pom garlands, felt, pine, all great options! Kids are so observant and you will be surprised how much they like these!


Lights/Christmas Tree

Adding a touch of light is so much fun! There are so many ways to do this too! Christmas tree, ceramic light up figurines, string lights, etc. The options are endless. By adding a few lights around your children’s space, it will add so much Christmas magic! Growing up, I had a little light up tree in my room on a shelf. Every Christmas I looked forward to having that little tree in my room and see it glow. We’re so exited to have this pink Christmas tree in my girl’s room!

Festive Toys

Is there anything more fun that toys to match the season?!?!? I found this fun cookie set on Wayfair and thought it was perfect for cookies for Santa with my girls! (By the way did you know Wayfair carries lots of fun wood toys?!)Festive stuffed animals, wooden snowman stacker, Christmas puzzles, lots of fun other options for festive toys. I linked a few of my favorites below.



Special holiday books are so much fun! This is a fun way to share about holidays and traditions through books. I have been working on my Christmas board book collection and listed all my girls favorites here.


Holiday Bedding

Is there anything more fun that a cozy Christmas blanket on top of a bed?!? Candy cane sheets, or pine tree print bedding?!?! There are so many fun options these days for holiday bedding! Every year I see lots of flannel sheet options, which is super easy and fun!

Advent Calendar

Lots of fun advent calendar options out there! I found a little advent calendar garland and decided to use that this year with my girls. I saw this cute magnetic wood Christmas tree advent calendar that looked fun!


Pictures From The Previous Years

This is one thing my mom does with her holiday decor that I love. Part of her holiday decor is changing out the picture frames to have holiday photos in them. She also has frames that are specific for each holiday, but changing out photos is a great inexpensive way to help a room feel festive. It also is a great way to get your kids excited to be in pictures so they can look forward to seeing them on the wall 😉 If you are not into home pictures, try a picture of Santa or a winter scene!


Christmas Rug

There are so many cute Christmas rugs out there! I have seen fun ones with Santa on it, gingerbread or even adding a red or green rug is super fun! Kids love playing on rugs and mixing up what they see. Here are a few fun ones I found on Wayfair.

Play Nativity

A nativity is a great way to introduce your kids to the story of Christ’s birth and how the tradition of Christmas came about. I was looking all over for a wooden play nativity and was so excited about the one I found on Wayfair. It is super sturdy, big pieces, and includes lots of wooden friends from the story. They also had lots of other neat nativities.


Festive Pillows

Pillows can be so much fun to decorate with! They are a great way to mix up a space and help if feel festive.



Another idea I thought would be super fun is a kids tent! String some lights on it and keep it up for the month! It could even be a special movie fort!

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