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Pregnancy Bed Time Routine

Posted on 4 min read

When I first got pregnant my friend Amanda came over with the sweetest gift basket of pregnancy …

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Posted on 2 min read
Ever wonder what is is like finding out you are having twin baby girls?!?! Join us as we share our big surprise from our gender party!
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Tips For Doctors Appointments During Infertility Treatments

Posted on 7 min read
After experiencing infertility and going through the IVF process I have become passionate about sharing that adventure with others. During this process I learned a few things that really made doctors appointments more enjoyable and wanted to share that all with you, so you can start the process off strong and feeling like you know what you are doing! Thanks for stopping by today for some tips for doctors appointments during infertility treatments.

Rain or Shine!

Posted on Location: , 1 min read
Jake and I are big fans of the rain and love going out and playing in it! When you have cute functional rain gear, it really makes for a fun time! We recently got our jackets and boots from one of our favorite places to shop, Joules! When we hear that thunder rolling in, we love slipping on our rain boots and going out and playing!
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15 Weeks- Pregnant With Twins Update

Posted on Location: , 5 min read
Sharing our 15 week update being pregnant with twins! Everything from the lows to the highs, including what we are looking forward to!
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