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Traveling While Pregnant? Tips To Have A Successful Trip

Posted on Location: , 5 min read

My hubby and I went on an early babymoon at 17 weeks pregnant. This was our 2nd international trip since we have been pregnant in addition to a few road trips. I have learned a few things traveling for over 24 hours at a time (multiple times) and picked up some tips I wanted to share with you all if you happen to be pregnant and want to travel.

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How To Plan The Ultimate Gender Reveal Party

Posted on 7 min read

Planning a Gender Reveal party?! Don’t worry we got you covered! Sharing all of our tips and tricks for planning the reveal and party celebration!

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20 Week- Twin Pregnancy Bump Update

Posted on 6 min read

I just have to say, these past few weeks have been my favorite part of pregnancy so far! Today I am excited to share with you why and a little 20 week pregnancy update on our twin girls!

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Tips & Tricks for Shanghai Disney Resort

Posted on Location: , 12 min read

Jake and I just got back from a super fun trip to the Shanghai Disney Resort to visit the Disneyland there! We loved it so much but there were quite a few things we wished we would of known about before we went, so we wanted to share our tips and tricks so you can have a super successful time the first go around! After visiting three international Disney parks, we have learned a few things we thought we should share about Shanghai!

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Spring Pusheen Subscription UnBoxing!

Posted on 1 min read

Can I say such a great mail day!??!?!!? I look forward to getting a new Pusheen box every season! It’s so fun to get in the mail because it comes wrapped in clear plastic, so you see the Pusheen on the box right away! I just LOVE Pusheen and love sharing things that make me happy! I have always felt like we should be surrounded by things that make us happy!

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