BIG News :)

Well, guess what? No, I am not pregnant 🙂 Maybe someday… But we still have some big news! Jake and I are building a house! I am sooo dang excited! So excited, we have actually started packing up our  rental home already! To soon? We are just so dang excited! The picture above is me with a dandelion I found on our new house lot. I blew it out and made a wish!
Well, finding a house has been tuff work. We lucked out with the most amazing realtor Liana, who took us all around so we could make sure we found the most perfect house and location for us! We looked at old houses, new houses, for-closed houses, lots of builders, lots of areas, and it really helped us decided the perfect area and perfect home for us! I hope it turns out as magical as we are hoping!
We love the builder we found and his style of building, so I am thinking this will be awesome!

Here is our cute lot straight ahead! Its the left corner lot 🙂 A perfect little cuddlasac!

August 16: Tractor with a claw comes to make a visit. Wahoo! I cant wait for the big dig!


9 thoughts on “BIG News :)

  1. Anonymous

    Where, where, where is yout home going to be? I am very excited for you both. The first house is always the bestest because so much love and excitement frames the creative ideas in you. Buckle up for a totally fun road ahead you guys 🙂 Love you both, Auntie Randy

  2. Lisa Fly Rondo

    wow how awesome congrats! when i come to utah can i visit yoU? not sure when that will be, but someday haha! that would be a blast!

  3. Cara

    I am so happy for you! You will have a blast decorating and buying new items for your home. I can't wait to have you do a house tour 🙂
    I wish Justin and I were in a position to buy a house but since we are moving to Utah in a couple years for his Master's program it's kinda silly to get tied down to one now when we don't know where we will end up in the future.
    Anyways, keep us posted on the building updates!

  4. Megan Marie

    that is such great news! how fun and exciting to get a new clean place to make your own! you'll do wonders with all the crafts you make. i just know it!



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