EMP Museum

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On our last afternoon in Seattle, we stopped at the EMP Museum. Can I say..this is the weirdest, most random museum I have ever been to? There was some neat things, but if we didn’t get to come back here ever, I would be ok with that. The music playing part of the museum was neat.

Two pictures of the outside of the museum. Some neat/crazy architecture.

There was an Avatar exhibit. Jake and I were laughing so hard the entire time walking through it. We have so many inside jokes from this movie, we couldn’t help but laugh. It looked like so much work to put this film together. Amazing!

Learning to speak Na’vi.

There was a neat area for movie memorabilia. There was some cool things in there!

We had fun at the museum, but I think the layout of the museum just made it hard to get around and see what it had to offer.

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  • Jamie Willow
    September 5, 2012

    I've been there with my husband, only it was closed, so we could only go in the public areas and the gift shop. It was still cool. Would love to go inside someday and experience it all. 🙂 looks like fun!

  • Harri Davison
    September 3, 2012

    Looks amazing! x

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EMP Museum