Halloween BOO Party!

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Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
With Halloween being our favorite holiday, we decided it would be fun to have a little Halloween get together before the holidays started getting to busy!  We wanted to have party favors for our guests, but thought it would be fun to do something that our guests could give to their neighbors and share the Halloween spirt.  We have heard about BOO Kits before, and thought that would to give a try!
I set up a BOO station for guests to add fun goodies to a basket.  I wanted to make sure there was not only tasty treats but also items that were not edible.  We found some super fun Halloween cards and stickers from American Greetings® that went perfect in the baskets!  They were great because they also added some height to the baskets and created a great backdrop to add the rest of the items.   It ended up being a hit with our family and they really enjoyed putting together the baskets!
We have found when we throw parties it’s helpful to have everything ready and set up for a party a day in advance, so then the day of the party you can pick up catered food, or do any last minute details.  I have also found by setting up for a party earlier, if I am missing anything, I can still have time to run to the store.
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
If you want to make your own BOO Basket to share with someone, here is everything you need to make one.  You can add more or less to your BOO Kit, but this is everything we had in ours.  We got all the supplies for this BOO’ing Kit from Walmart!  They are a great one-stop shop to grab all the essentials to assemble a BOO’ing bundle at home!
-Basket or bucket
-Tissue Paper.  This cute candy corn and pumpkin one is from American Greetings®
-Tasty Treats!  We got a MARS and WRIGLEY candy bag mix with M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, Skittles®, Starburst®, Life Savers®
-Stickers and Halloween Cards
-Pumpkin Light
-Spider Rings
-Pumpkin Bubbles
-Sticky Eyeballs
-BOO Printable card.  You can print out your own at BOOItForward.com.
Start by adding tissue paper to the inside of the basket.  Then add the cards, stickers and pencils to the back of the basket.  Use candy to fill up the bottom of the basket to desired height.  Then layer in your in pumpkin light since it is the biggest item and then start adding the smaller items scattered around.  Next add some treats in the areas that need a special touch.  If you want to make your BOO Kit super awesome though, add the new Ghostbusters® Blu-ray and DVD that is available on October 11th! The movie can also be preordered here and here.  After you’re done with your BOO Kit, secretly deliver it to a co-worker, friend, or neighbor.


Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
A party is not complete without a cute food spread!  Jake and I wanted to get crafty in the kitchen so we decided we would make some treats!  My favorite thing that we made were the SNICKERS® Bats, so I thought we would share how we made those with you all!  If you want to see them coming together in action, make sure to see our party vlog below!


-Black Melting Chocolate
-Black Writing Gel
-Candy Bag or Plastic Sandwich Size Bag
-Plate or baking sheet
Silplat or wax paper
-Start of by melting the chocolate.  Read the directions on the chocolate packaging for the best melting instructions. I have found it helpful to add a spoonful of Crisco to the chocolate so it makes the chocolate thinner.  Also make sure to not stir your chocolate with metal and only use plastic (not a plastic spoon that will melt but like a spatula).  The metal with mess with the constancy of the chocolate.  I like to use a chocolate melter that makes melting chocolate super simple!
-While your chocolate is melting, unwrap the SNICKERS®.  Lay the Silplat (or wax paper) on the cookie sheet and lay out the SNICKERS® so there is space in between them for wings and ears.
-Add eyes and a mouth/fangs to the SNICKERS® to create your bat face with Black Writing Gel.  Use your Black Writing Gel and also add a small dot on the back of the Eyes to make them stick to the bar.  Then add a mouth.  You may want to practice on some wax paper first.
-When the chocolate has finished melting, add it to a candy bag.  If you only have a small sandwich bag make sure the chocolate is cooled off a little bit before you put it in the bag so it doesn’t melt any holes.
-Cut a small corner on the bag so there is an opening for the chocolate to come out.  Draw on your bat wings and ears.  Make sure to add chocolate directly onto the SNICKERS® edges so the bat wings and ears will stick after they cool off.
-Put your finished bats in the fridge to cool off.
-After the bats have been cooled, peel the off the Silplat.  Be careful to pull them off slowly so your bats do not break.  If you happen to have a wing snap, use any left over chocolate to reconnect the bat.
-Put your SNICKERS® Bats on a cute plate and add them to your Halloween spread!
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
Cute Halloween Party Decorations and Treats
Here are some pictures of our finished treat table!  We sure had so much fun having everyone over and making BOO Baskets!  I think our guests really enjoyed thinking about who they could surprise and drop off the basket they made!  We got all our supplies for the party at Walmart.
Here is a Vlog from our adventures from setting up the Halloween Decor, making treats in the kitchen and putting together BOO Baskets!  Thanks for stopping today! Have a great week 🙂

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