Our Infertility Journey- Starting IVF

We Are Starting IVF

[bigletter custom_class=””]Hi Friends!  Jake and I have some exciting news to share with you all today!  We are currently in the process of our first round of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). I say first because I have no idea where this journey will lead us!  Of course we have our fingers crossed the first time will be the charm, but you never know in this process. We are pushing forward and hoping for the best!  Secretly, we are really hoping for multiples! Triplets please!!! [/bigletter]

If you follow us on our YouTube channel, you may have already seen this announcement, but we knew in a blog we could be more detailed about our journey and our infertility adventures.   We have already had a lot of questions from friends on social media and so we wanted to be able to have our blog as a resource for anyone else going through infertility. Each family’s journey to having children is so different.   We hope that if you are going through this journey too you will be able to know you are not alone and that you’ve got this! To those of you that are not going through IVF, you most likely know someone who is. We hope these posts will inspire you on how to support loved ones dealing with infertility.

This process has made me extremely grateful for Jake and how close it has brought us together.  When I heard others say that IVF is stressful, I always felt empathetic towards them, but now I really get it!  It is stressful and exciting all at the same time 🙂 The best part though?!? We know we are getting one step closer to our family and so that makes us really happy!  And by happy, I mean really happy!

We also just wanted to say a big thank you to for all your love and support!  As we have opened up about infertility, we have felt such a tremendous outpouring of love and support.  Many have said they would keep us in their prayers and we have felt them and needed them. Thank you so much!  Your love and support has really lifted us and strengthened us during this exciting journey!

Before we go into documenting the IVF process, we thought we would share our infertility journey with you over the past few years and how it got to the point where we knew IVF was the next step for us.

Our Infertility Journey

[bigletter custom_class=“”]When Jake and I got married we wanted to have a few years together before we got pregnant. We are so grateful for that time we were able to have together. It has been fun traveling and going on lots of adventures together!  We had originally planned on trying to get pregnant after 3-5 years of marriage.[/bigletter]

I have 4 older sisters who are amazing!  Each of them has had a very different journey in having a family.  I think seeing these experiences from my sisters has been a big blessing for me to see first hand that everyone’s journey is very different.  This also helped me be pretty proactive soon after we were trying and we weren’t getting pregnant.

Where It All Began

  • October 2014- Went off birth control. We knew in the future wanted some cute kiddos but weren’t completely ready yet. Thought we would go off BCP just so it would be out my system for when we wanted to start trying. But we were talking about kids and the idea of kids sounded pretty fun!
  • June 2016- Started trying to get pregnant.  This is going to be TMI… but we forgot to bring “protection” on a trip.  When we were driving to get to the cabin, we talked about how we were getting to the point where we were “more ready” to start a family, but not yet….  On our trip we decided, hey what the heck… let’s go for it!
  • July 2016- After our trip, I started my period. I asked around for some good apps to track when you are ovulating and marked all the “good days” in my calendar for the next 6 months.  I told myself it’s ok if we don’t get pregnant, and just have fun. When I had looked back, the dates we started trying ended up being “good days” for us to get pregnant. I told myself not to worry and everything would work out.
  • October 2016- My sweet dad passed away. Soon after his death I had a really sweet experience that really inspired me and Jake and to move quickly on our journey to having kids.
  • November 2016- Started my period, so I made an appointment with my OBGYN. By that time we had been “trying” for 6 months and it was time to get down to business. No more messing around!
  • January 2017- I met with my OBGYN and asked for clomid.  Typically your doctor will want you to be trying for at least a year but since Jake and I were older and it had been almost a year, we got the prescription.  I was terrified to take clomid because I was worried how it would make me feel. Taking medications is not my jam. It’s really hard for me to put a pill in my mouth because I worry about side effects and how I will feel.  I kept telling myself how grateful I was to be taking clomid and how it was helping us get one step closer to our family. Luckily, I felt just fine on clomid and didn’t feel a difference too much. I took clomid and we kept trying for 3 months.
  • April 2017- When we weren’t pregnant with clomid after 3 months, I called the fertility clinic and made appointments for Jake and I to get tested. Before I took anymore medications, I wanted to figure out what was going on. I was so glad we did that because we had no idea none of the “next step” medications wouldn’t have work for us.  Most insurances will cover preliminary testing at fertility clinics so it is worth going in to find out what’s going on. The doctor I wanted had a 4 month wait period to get in, so I was glad I made the call when I did.  When you are looking for a doctor ask around. If someone hasn’t done IVF, they usually know someone who has done it that can give you some recommendations. There are lots of great doctors out there, but I knew I wanted to go with one with an amazing success rate, and innovative!  It’s ok to be picky about this! It is your body and you want the best for your body and future baby! I had been asking around for good fertilely doctors for quite some time and kept hearing about Dr. Faulk, so I knew he would be worth the wait.
  • August 14th, 2017- First appointment at the Fertility Clinic.  We meet with Dr. Faulk and really liked him. He was a really great fit for us and so we decided we wanted him as our doctor.  At the appointment we talked to Dr. Faulk for a bit and then went straight in for an ultrasound. I didn’t realize we would be starting infertility testing that day, but I am so grateful my cycle and everything lined up perfectly so we could! Before we left the doctors office, we scheduled the rest of the testing that we could (some of it you have to wait till your period.)  I had to come in for 4 doctors visits to do a few different kinds of ultra sounds and a blood draw. Jake had to do a sperm analysis. The nice thing is once you have your first appointment, you can usually start doing everything asap. The clinics want to help you find answers as soon as possible too, which is really great 🙂
  • September 2017- Finished our infertility testing and found out our next steps. Our doctor recommended starting with a round of IUI.  IUI is a more cost effective route if you are paying out of pocket, and less invasive on your body. For some reason I didn’t have a good feeling about it….like for months. I kept putting it off, so I decided it was time to call the doctor.  We called the Doc and let him know how we were feeling. He was really great at listening and walking through our concerns and situation. After talking, looking at our medical records, family histories, test results, and seeing the slim chance we would have success with IUI, Jake and I decided to move forward with the next step, IVF.   With IVF we would have a 60-ish% chance to get pregnant and those were good enough odds for us! Growing up seeing my sisters situations I always wondered if infertility would be in my future. In high school I had a feeling someday I would be doing IVF. Seeing where Jake and I were at, we knew this was the right path for us to go down next.
  • September 2017- Started working to financially get ready for the next steps.  We have known for over a year that IVF is what we needed to do next. Since we knew our insurance wouldn’t cover any infertility and we would need to pay for 100% of it all out of pocket we have been saving money away, mentally preparing and getting our bodies ready for this adventure.  It’s a lot to pay for out of pocket, but worth it! Just knowing we are doing all we can to start a family is worth the money for us.
  • January 2018- Decided November was the latest we wanted to get started with IVF and put it into the schedule.
  • February 2018- Switched out all of our home products to natural products. Cleaners, shampoo, hand wash, laundry detergent, deodorant, skin care, etc. We knew with preparing to do IVF we wanted to make sure we were surrounded by products that would enhance our lives and reduce toxins.
  • July 2018- Cut out all flours/sugar from our diets and only eat 3 meals a day. Being at a healthy weight can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant. Those were some big changes for us, but have made us feel healthier as we go into IVF. More on this topic to come next Sunday 🙂
  • September 2018- Met with the financial planner at the Fertility Clinic to get the hard numbers for IVF.  Each clinic is a little different, so it’s good to meet with the Financial advisor at the clinic so you have all the info beforehand.  With IVF most clinics have you pay all the cash up front, so you will need to have all your ducks in a row! It was nice for us to see what kind of options were available too. For us we could do one round of IVF, or pay more and add more rounds on kinda like an insurance policy. After we looked it all though, for us it made since to do the one round and see how that goes first!
  • October 2018- Took out a loan!  Everything is starting to fall into place! For us, we didn’t want to take out a loan to be able to start a family because I thought if everything didn’t work, I didn’t want to be paying off the loan.  But guess what… we took out a loan for us to start a family! And guess what?!?! My feelings on it have changed! Now going through the infertility process for several years now, I am so grateful we were able to take out a loan to work towards starting our family right now! Of course it is not our first pick to go into debt to have a family, but for us we really saw the Lord’s hand make this loan possible. If we weren’t able to get the loan it would still be a few years till we saved up all the money to start.   With IVF there are a lot of added costs, and for me knowing that we are doing everything we can to start a family, even if we are paying it off for years to come is so worth it! We know we have little ones that are ready to be part of our family, and we are ready for them to be part of our family too! Jake and I are so incredibly grateful for this process and can’t tell you how excited we are about it all!
  • November 2018- Started my period. I have never been so excited to start my period in my life 🙂 Really though! I was scared it wouldn’t start on time, or set our calendars back but luckily started right when we estimated. So I called the fertility clinic and talked to our coordinator to let her know we were officially ready to start IVF! The nurse called in our medications to a local pharmacy as well as ordered our injections that we would need coming up!
  • November 13th, 2018-  Met with our IVF coordinator, talked through questions, concerns and our schedule for the next few months.  Our coordinator created a color coded calendar to print out that has all of our estimated dates of medications start and stop dates.  Not going to lie… the calendar is pretty intimidating, but once we figure it out how to read it, it’s not so bad. It’s actually pretty cool because it means everything is really starting and moving forward! And that is an awesome feeling!
  • December 3rd 2018- IVF Officially Started!  Jake went to pharmacy and picked up our prescriptions.  I started birth control, and the rest of the medications he picked up were for later in the month!  This was a big day for us! I literally sat and cried for over an hour overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion for starting this process!  We have been looking forward to starting In-Vitro for quite some time, and now it’s all really here! So…. that officially makes December 3rd, 2018, a day to remember for us!

Well, this is a wrap for today!  More on our IVF progress to come soon 🙂 Wahoo!  If you want to follow along on the adventure LIVE, we are posting on our YouTube Channel Hang with The Bangs often, as well as our Instastories with updates that are different than we will be sharing on our blog.

Thank you for all your love and support!  We love you! – Kelsey and Jake

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  • Hena Tayeb
    January 7, 2019

    I know so many people have difficulty convincing. You are so brave to share your journey.. hopefully it will help others feel less alone.
    I wish you the very best and sending you positive vibes and prayers.


  • Mica
    January 7, 2019

    Wow, such a long process for you! I hope you have a lot of luck with your first round of IVF! Wishing you lots of sticky baby dust! Good luck!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Elise
    January 8, 2019

    Oh, how I love this post! I wish you and Jake the best of luck on your journey. Keep this positive outlook and I know it will all work out.
    Loving these photos too, you two are the cutest!

    xx, Elise

  • jodie filogomo
    January 8, 2019

    It’s so wonderful for you to share this, Kelsey!! Sending all kinds of hugs and love!!

  • Eunice
    January 8, 2019

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us! It’s so inspiring seeing how uplifted and positive you’ve remained throughout this time. I wish you and Jake all the very best on your IVF journey x


  • Inna Pishtoy
    January 8, 2019

    Thank you for sharing your story, it was so interesting to read. I hope it all works out great for you two!


  • Ruth Josey
    January 8, 2019

    What a wonderful thing for you to share with your readers! I’m glad you have such an optimistic outlook and an ambitious one…triplets! I knew a couple who had tried for about 5 years of their 8-year marriage to get pregnant. They finally decided it wasn’t meant to be (no in vitro for them, though). After a week-long vacation, she thought she had gotten food poisoning. Guess what? Yep, she was pregnant. Lots of love and best of luck to you in this journey and I will look forward to following your progress. I love your winter fashion, by the way…that sweater is darling and your pup is beautiful!

    Ruth Josey

  • Simone
    January 9, 2019

    Fingers crossed that your IVF progress will be successful! I’m wishing both of you good luck.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  • Lovely Amusan
    January 9, 2019

    Thank you for sharing daring, wishing you both all the best! I’m sure this will help many others who are on the same journey as you. Sending you lots of positive vibes.


  • Liz
    January 9, 2019

    Thank you so much for sharing so personal! I’m wishing you all the best in your IVF journey <3 Will be rooting for you!!


  • Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you guys! I have two beautiful kids with my first husband, but my second husband and I were unable to have one. We did do all of the testing, but decided not to go with the IVF and to just let it be if it were to happen. Unfortunately, I’m 41 now, so I doubt we’ll ever get pregnant and I do always wonder the WHAT IF we had done the IVF. I think if I hadn’t have had my 2 already, I would have been braver to take it on and YES it is expensive. You sound so organized and level headed through this entire process. I will keep you in my prayers!!! IVF produces SO many miracles!


  • Maureen
    January 9, 2019

    It has been a journey for you guys and I am excited for your next chapter. I am keeping my fingers crossed and know everything will work out. Looking forward to your next updates and seriously, can you guys get any cuter?! Happy New Year!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    • Kelsey Bang
      January 18, 2019

      Awe Maureen you are the best ever! Thank you so much! Hope you have a fantastic week!

  • Jessica
    January 9, 2019

    Wow, what a journey. And I’m super excited for you two! Wishing you all the success in your IVF journey dear.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  • Quinn
    January 10, 2019

    Thank you so much for sharing you journey! Wishing you both the best of luck – you deserve all the happiness!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  • Ashley
    January 10, 2019

    Sending you guys all the love + luck on this journey! I hope 2019 brings you a bright baby bundle!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • Missy May
    January 10, 2019

    I love the transparency guys. All the best of luck and crossing my fingers here for triplet too. 🙂


    • Kelsey Bang
      January 18, 2019

      Awe thanks so much! Really appreciate it Missy May!

  • Amanda
    January 10, 2019

    Thanks for sharing this story! One of my best friends with through IVF and had success the first time. They now have a beautiful baby boy. I know how hard this was for her, so I’m sending the two of you lots of love and support! Cheers!

  • Ruth
    January 10, 2019

    So happy for you guys and making the decision for yourselves! I cannot wait to follow along in your journey!


  • Ros
    January 11, 2019

    *fingers crossed* good luck! good luck!
    My husband and I tried for a bit a couple years ago and then I got pneumonia one year and a pulmonary embolism last year. It’s been crazy for me healthwise. Once I’m good again, we’ll hopefully start trying again. But we’ve resigned ourselves to think we’re ok with or without kids. There’s sunshine on all paths 🙂
    Again, good luck !!
    xo Ros | ZenHealth

  • Janet
    January 12, 2019

    I know how heart breaking it can be to see your period every month. My husband and I tried for 5 years to get pregnant, in the end, I went to a Naturopath who put me on a horrible (like really bad!) tasting concoction of herbs, but wow did it work! After only 17 days of taking the herbal drink, I was finally pregnant! We were both over the moon. I did try again to fall pregnant a few years later but the Naturopath had moved on and I was content with our little family. I wish you both the best luck with this IVF journey xx


    • Kelsey Bang
      January 18, 2019

      Janet, thank you so much! I love hearing you guys were able to find success in your journey! We are excited for IVF and are enjoying the journey 🙂 Thank you for your love and support!

  • Jane
    January 14, 2019

    Wow! What a journey! Love these beautiful photos! You guys look amazing!
    xo, Jane

  • Amy Arnold
    January 14, 2019

    We had our daughter through IVF after 2+ years of infertility, so my heart goes out to you all. She is two now and the light of our lives! I know all the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing. I am excited for your journey because like you said you are one step closer to your family! It’s a difficult process and experience to walk through but it sounds like you have wonderful support, and I know you have a strong faith. Sending your love and prayers.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Kelsey Bang
      January 18, 2019

      Amy thank you so much for sharing! I love hearing IVF worked for you guys and you got your sweet babe! I saw you guys are in the adopting process! That is so exciting! Thanks for the love and prayers, we really appreciate it!

  • Katherine
    January 17, 2019

    I am so excited for you guys! Thank you for sharing your journey and we look forward to following along with everything!

    Katherine | http://www.oneswainkycouple.com

  • Angela
    January 17, 2019

    What an emotional journey, I’m sure you have learned so much about yourself through the process! Sending you positive wishes on your journey.

    • Kelsey Bang
      January 18, 2019

      Awe thanks so much Angela! It really has been a big learning curve for me, but very rewarding too! Hope you have a great week!

  • rebecca
    October 5, 2019

    You say that you’re on the older side. How old are you and Jake?

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Our Infertility Journey- Starting IVF