Best Gift Ideas For Someone Going Through IVF

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Are you going through IVF or know someone who is?!!? Today I am sharing gift ideas that are great for all those infertility treatments and things to help along the adventure!

Many of you have reached out and mentioned you have friends or family going through Infertility.  A lot of you have asked what is the best gift to give someone going through IVF, so today I wanted to share with you some things I would of loved.  To be honest, it’s the thought that counts! If you are giving someone a gift going through infertility treatments, they will be so grateful you thought of them! Really though!

You could always write them a note, send them a text you are thinking about them, invite them to lunch, see if they have any appointments they need a buddy to go with them, bring them a smoothie, or stop by to say hello!

Having gone through IVF myself, there are several things that people brought over, or that I used a TON of during the process that I thought would make for great gifts so I listed them below!  During the IVF process I was cautious of what I ate and products I would use, so I put below some generic things I know anyone struggling with infertility would love!

During the IVF process there are days you just want to vegg out and relax. Especially towards the end of the process when you have “Princess Days.” These first ideas are all about some fun ideas to give someone for that down time to keep them entertained and feeling good!


Sharing a book you loved is always a great idea! If you are not sure of what books to share these were few of my favorites during this time of my life; You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, and Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton! hahaha What can I say…I am a dino lover! During IVF its great to fill your mind with fun adventures and positive vibes!

Movies or TV Series

You could bring over a stack of your DVD’s to lend out or stop by Walmart and pick up a few cheesy and fun movies! Old school TV series are always fun too!

Video Games

If you know you friend is a gamer, check in with their hubby and see what games they have been wanting and pick up a game for them! For some reason on my down days I loved playing the Switch and would play it for hours! Mario Kart was my jam!

Coloring Book with Pencils

You can’t go wrong with a cute coloring book and some colored pencils! This is a great activity to be able to do in bed and relax!

Blank Cards

Some cute blank cards are fun! During the IVF process there are so many people you will be wanting to say thank you to, having some blank cards around is a thoughtful and great gift!

Journal/ Gratitude Journal

You can never go wrong with giving someone a cute new notebook! I kept a gratitude journal during the process and looked for tender mercies daily during the process. It really helped make the experience awesome!

Plant or Flowers

Something pretty to look at is always great! I had a few friends bring me cute succulents and I put them by my bedside where I would see them often!

Essential Oils

Like pregnancy, there are not many things you can take or use during the IVF process. I am really into natural products and there were a few oils that saved me during this process! You can read about how I used them here, but if you are looking for a great functional gift Lavender, DigestZen and Frankiensce are incredible for the IVF process.



I lived in pajamas during our IVF process.  With the medications and injections, I got sick and so I would spend lots of time snuggled up in pjs! It’s nice to have cute new fresh pairs that put a smile on your face! I had a friend that brought me over Mickey Mouse PJ bottoms and it was the best thing ever!  They were so soft and cozy! I still wear them to this day.

Cozy Socks

During IVF during there a few appointments that bringing cozy socks is a must! Having some cozy fresh socks on hand is so nice! I really liked having the fuzzy ones!

Heating Pad

Can I say LIFE SAVER?!?!?!!?!!?!?!? Seriously though! If you want to give someone a gift that keeps on giving, buy them an electric heating pad! I used mine daily, especially after the Egg Retrieval!

Bath Supplies

Bath Salts, luxury soap, bath bombs are all a great idea! If I was not on the couch, I was most likely in the tub.  These items are so much fun to have around to make bath time a little more fun!

Face Masks

Ok these are fun! I would recommend buying 2, one for the IVF gal and 1 for the spouse!  Trust me on this one, it will give them a lot of fun laughs together!


Thanks for stopping by today for gifts ideas for someone going through IVF. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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