Traveling While Pregnant? Tips To Have A Successful Trip

My hubby and I went on an early babymoon at 17 weeks pregnant. This was our 2nd international trip since we have been pregnant in addition to a few road trips. I have learned a few things traveling for over 24 hours at a time (multiple times) and picked up some tips I wanted to share with you all if you happen to be pregnant and want to travel.

Talk To Your Doctor

First off I have to say, make sure your doctor approves and that you are in good health to travel.

Time Your Trip Right

If this is your first time pregnant, this might be a little harder to know. Typically in pregnancy when people get into the 2nd trimester they are feeling better and not to nausea. I had heard 14-27 weeks is the best times to travel during a pregnancy so we went off that for our international trip to Shanghai. Plan your trip for a time when you will be feeling your best and be able to enjoy it.

Check Regulations

If you are flying, going on a cruise, or even Disneyland, wherever you are going, call ahead or google to find out the regulations for pregnancy. For instance there are several rides that are not recommend to ride while pregnant at Disneyland so I wanted to be aware of what those were so I could plan around them.

Pick A Destination That Fits

Several areas like Mexico have warnings for Zica virus. Find locations that will be comfortable and fun for you, as well as safe for your baby. If planning a babymoon there are lots of great areas that will be the perfect babymoon! Most people choose to do a relaxing trip, but for us, we like to be on the move and choose a city. Choose a climate and location that will fit you!

Consider Travel Insurance

This is something I typically don’t do, and wished we would of for our trips while I have been pregnant. At 13 weeks we had a scare with the twins that resulted in 6 days of bedrest. I got cleared to travel at 14 weeks which was good because I was supposed to fly out to Orlando in a few days to Disney World. Luckily I was able to go on that trip and then Shanghai the next week. When I was on bedrest my mind would of had more ease if we had gotten travel insurance because we thought we were going to need to cancel the trips.



Pick your seat wisely! I would honestly recommend an aisle seat so you can get up and walk around as much as you want. Try to get the front of the plane by a bathroom and where chances of motion sickness are less. If the flight does not do offer reserved seating, let flight attendant at the desk know before boarding starts and they can help you pre-board 🙂 Pregnancy perks!

If you are flying, wear compression socks. They are seriously life savers! Wear them the entire flight. I know they can be uncomfortable but they really really help! Also pack a few light layers incase you get hot or cold! Just make sure you are comfortable!


Try On All Your Outfits Before You Pack Them

As your body is changing, everything will start to fit differently. Even pregnancy clothes! I have some maternity outfits I bought early on that actually don’t fit anymore! Try your clothes on before you pack them.

If you are traveling alone, pack a light since heavy lifting is not recommend while pregnant. There usually are super nice people on a plane so if you are flying you could ask them to help lift your bag.

Create A Pregnancy Safety Kit

Pack a baggy with prenatal vitamins for everyday, medications, oils, bandaids, cough drops, hand sanitizer, lotion, etc.

I always have oils on hand with me and carry them in my purse. Being pregnant you are limited on what you can take and use so I am a HUGE fan of doTERRA essential oils. I only use doTERRA because there oils are all tested rigorously so they are safe for you and your babe. The only ingredient in the oils are the pure plants or flowers. As someone who did IVF and had infertility for years, natural heathy products that work has been really important to me. Here are a few of my go to must have oils when I am on the go:

  • Peppermint– Nausea, headaches, pick me up, dizziness, energy boost.
  • DigestZen– Upset stomach, constipation, bloating.
  • Frankiensce– Swelling, bruising, stretch marks and great for calming as well.
  • Lavender– Bug bites, itchy skin, stretching skin, calming. Great for bed time to put on feet to help relax and fall asleep.
  • OnGuard– Being pregnant our immune systems are stretched a little more than normal. It’s easier to pick up germs and


Create A Medical Game Plan

Just know everything will be great on your trip and you will be just fine! But for peace of mind it’s great to have a medical game plan. Find a local OBGYN and hospital. Have that info printed out or on your phone to have on hand.

Move Around Every Two Hours

If you are flying or driving, try to get up and move every 2 hours and go to the bathroom. This is what my doctor told me, and I thought it was great advice. Walk around and wiggle your feet, stretch a little and get some blood flow going in those legs.

Pack Snacks

It’s always nice to have some easy snacks to grab and eat when you start getting hungry. I found I am eating all the time while pregnant, so having snacks around is crucial. Especially if you are going out of the country or traveling with others that have different schedules than yours. You want to feel good and energized on your trip so bring snacks with you that are healthy and will give you the energy you need.

Stay Hydrated

This was another thing my doctor told me to be drinking water all the time! Keep a water bottle with you, or buy a water every time you see a store or restaurant. Stay hydrated!

Find Ways To Relax

Put your feet up, make pit stops to sit and relax, schedule a natal or leg massage. Take time to enjoy and relax! Plan on taking time to stop and enjoy the ambience more that usual.


Outfit Details

HIS LOOK- Shirt: 7 Diamonds | Pants: All Saints | Shoes: Nike

HER LOOK- Dress: Asos | Sunglasses: Celine | Lipstick: Mac- Hot Chocolatey | Shoes: Nike

Thanks for stopping by today for tips for traveling while pregnant. Do you have any tips you would like to add?! I would love to hear them in the comments below! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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