Easy IKEA Highchair DIY + FREE Support Pillow Cover Pattern

Do you have an IKEA highchair that is in need of a makeover?! Today I am sharing our girls IKEA Highchair DIY and how you can do it too!

Easy IKEA Antilop Highchair Makeover

When we were looking for a highchair for our girls we couldn’t decide on what kind of highchair to get. The girls were almost 6 months old and we knew it was time to get some highchairs, so we ended up running to IKEA and picking up two highchairs. They are only $20 each, so you can’t beat that! We felt like the chairs needed a bit of personality and fun so we decided to give the chairs a little DIY makeover!

Today I am so excited to share with you a simple DIY for an IKEA Antilop highchair! We did a DIY on the highchair legs, table top, added a foot rest and did some fun cushion covers! We are showing you how you can do it too + a free pattern to make your own cushion cover!



How To Convert Your IKEA Highchair Legs Into “Wood”

Supplies Needed: Faux Wood Contact Paper (only $5!)

  • Cut four 24 x 3.5 inch strips.
  • Take the legs off of the highchair if they are attached.
  • Start at the bottom of the legs and apply the vinyl/contact paper up.
  • Slowly take off the back part of the contact paper exposing the sticky side to the metal leg.
  • Once you get the contact paper on the entire leg, start wrapping the paper around the back of the legs.

Questions?! You can watch how Jake does the leg in our Ikea Highchair DIY vlog HERE.


How To Make An IKEA Antilop Support Pillow Cover

Supplies Needed: 3/4 yard of fabric (100% polyester), 18 inch zipper, Pattern

  • Align your fabric pretty sides together.
  • Pin pattern onto fabric and cut out the cushion cover.
  • Unpin pattern and re-pin fabric for your cover.
  • Leave the bottom where the zipper will go unpinned.
  • Pin in your zipper and sew that first. Sew a topstitch on both sides of the zipper.
  • Sew around the pillow cover where the zipper is not, using 1/4 inch seam allowance.
  • Turn project inside and put in the support pillow. Zip it up and DONE! Way to go!


Want a no-sew version? Instead of sewing, use fabric glue and sticky velcro! Cut out the pattern, glue pretty sides together leaving an 18 inch opening on the bottom. Flip project inside out so you see the pretty sides. One side at a time, fold the bottom fabric where the opening is 1/4 inch so it has a clean pretty edge. On that edge put on your sticky velcro. Do the same to the other side and done!




***Printing Instructions***

We recommend printing at 100% scale setting on your printer. Some lines may be lost in your printer margins, however placing each paper flush with its neighbor will keep the correct pattern size/scale.



Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you have a wonderful day! If you do a Ikea Highchair DIY, we would love to hear all about it!

Want to see more of the Ikea Highchair DIY makeover transformation!? You can catch our vlog HERE.

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  • Lauren
    April 14, 2020

    I saw you were sponsored by Graco when you were pregnant and you were gifted a lot of baby gear. Why did you ultimately choose to go with an IKEA high chair instead of the Graco high chairs? As someone planning a registry, I’d love your insight!

    • Kelsey Bang
      May 4, 2020

      Hi Lauren, great question! So we need to purchase a 2nd highchair (we were gifted only one) and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a high chair when we had already spent money on so much baby stuff. Plus I wanted matching highchairs and it was cheaper to spend $40 for 2 highchairs instead of spending $130 to get a matching graco highchair. so we decided to go with the IKEA ones. But….. after using the IKEA high chairs I wished I had hung on to the graco one! eeek! The IKEA ones would be awesome if the tray easily came on and off! I think for one babe it wouldn’t be a concern, but with getting two girls in and out of high chairs and trying to clean the high chairs….. we are looking for high chairs again! hahaaha

      • Dakota
        June 30, 2020

        You may have already replaced your high chairs but just in case… I came across a YouTube video explaining how to correct this problem. If you don’t want to click on the link just try searching “EASIEST tray removal hack for IKEA Antilop high chair!!”

        • Yesenia Garcia
          August 31, 2020

          Oooh super helpful!! Thank you for that!!

  • Shauna Crymble
    April 17, 2020

    Such a useful product for parents!

  • Aidan Brogan
    April 17, 2020

    That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  • Anne
    May 5, 2020

    Hey there! How exactly do you sew on the zipper? Do you have a diy tutorial for that? Tia!

  • Laura Posten
    July 8, 2020

    THANK YOU for making a pattern!!!! I’ve searched everywhere for one. I just can’t stomach paying $30+ for a cover from other shops when I know i’m capable of sewing one myself! I may attempt the zipper, or figure out a way to do Velcro haha! Thank you!

  • taffy piper
    November 22, 2020

    Thanks so much for this pattern! They turned out great! (some of us need a pattern…what can i say?) My daughters covers are always in the wash…i made mine from laminated cotton, so she can just wipe clean with a wet cloth! I used velcro since it is easier for me. Taffy

    • Kelsey Bang
      February 12, 2022

      Taffy, such a great idea to use laminated cotton! how great!

  • Virginia
    June 4, 2021

    Thank you for sharing! Going to try this! Love my antilop but it needs a face-lift.

  • Betsy Nickless
    August 19, 2021

    Definitely needs more than 1/2 yard of fabric, unless it’s wider than standard 45″ cotton. More like 7/8 yard.

  • Anonymous
    September 22, 2021

    Thank you so very much for the pattern for the Ikea High chair cushions, came in very handy. And thank you for sharing it for free. Keep up your great work. Thanks again, Marina.

  • Furniture
    October 30, 2021

    I had a hard time taking it out when we had our 1st child, but now after 3 kids is much smoother. Thank you for giving such good help

  • Janice
    January 3, 2022

    Hi, I was so excited to make these covers and I bought the half a yard of fabric (18×44), but I realized it’s not enough fabric. You might want to update your post to mention that you’ll need more than a half a yard of fabric to make the cover. Thanks for the tutorial.

    • Kelsey Bang
      February 12, 2022

      Hi Janice, thanks so much for letting me know. I updated the pattern to say 3/4 yard so anyone else doesn’t run into this problem. Thanks for letting me know, you rock 🙂

  • Dani
    March 16, 2023

    Hi, I am in the UK and just wanted to check if your paper size was letter or A4, so I can print to the correct size.

    Thanks! Dani

  • Anonymous
    January 19, 2024

    Just a tip . Use a fabric shower curtain for a waterproof, wipe clean cover.

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Easy IKEA Highchair DIY + FREE Support Pillow Cover Pattern