Bed Time Essentials & Routine With Twins

Wondering what it’s like putting two baby girls to bed?! Come join us as we share our bed time routine, plus our must have baby items for bed time!

It’s been about over a month since our girls transitioned out of their SNOO Bassinets and have been sleeping in their own room. Whoooa! The girls are 7 months old now and it’s been so fun creating a bed time routine together. There are a few things that have been life-savors with their routine and has helped these girls stay sleeping 12 hours a night. Today we thought we would share our routine and a few things that have helped bed time go smoothly!

Bed Time Routine With Twins (7 Months)

Play Time

3:00pm- The girls typically take their last nap of the day around 3pm for about 30 mins. When they wake up, it’s play time! I try and do activities that will tire them out in the evening to help them wind down for bed. The girls love playing in their activity gyms and bounce out some energy. While they are bouncing around, I start to make dinner and get things ready to feed them as well.

Dinner/Play With Food Time

4:30pm is dinner time! It has been so much fun starting solids with the girls! We are doing something called Baby Led Weaning with our girls where they eat what we eat. It’s been amazing seeing the girls try lots of fun foods and experiment with food.

Dinner usually takes around 30-40 minutes. Jake is typically not off work yet when it’s time to feed the girls, so I go ahead and get started with the babes. I’ll load them up in their high chairs, put on bibs and dish out dinner. They are still learning to eat and scoop food, so I am on standby reloading spoons, etc. With baby led weaning the parent is supposed to be eating with the kids at the same time…but with twins… you gotta adjust in some areas. I try to take a few bites of food but typically I am reheating my food a few hours later 😉

Jake usually gets off work around 5- 5:30ish. He comes and joins us whenever he can. When he joins us, we take a divide and conquer approach. He will take over helping out with the girls finishing up dinner. I’ll go get the girls room prepped for bed, bathroom ready for baths, and bottles made for one last feeding.

Bath and Story Time

5:10pm- The girls LOVE bath time! We used to only give the girls a bath about 2-3 times a week, but since they love it so much we have started to give them baths every night. They typically get covered in food from dinner too, so it’s nice to get them clean before bed. In addition, I think the baths are a great queue to help them know it’s bed time soon.

When the girls finish dinner well wipe them down and take them upstairs for a bath. While Jake gives one girl a bath, I am with the other one and reading bed time stories. Then we switch. Once done with baths, lotion, diapers, jammies, and their Owlet monitors.

Milk Time

5:40- Our girls like to have one last milk feeding before bed time. I like having the bottles ready to go so when they are out of the bath and ready for bed they can eat right away. They are usually pretty tired and exhausted by this time and just want their bottles. There is also so much going on in this last hour of the evening, its nice to have everything set up and ready to go so things can run smoothly.

Night, Night!

6:00pm- It’s so wild how at 6pm on the dot our girls are soooo ready for bed! We found if we go past 6pm getting them to bed, it makes for an exciting time, so we try to have the girls in bed before then.

We put the girls in their sleeping sack, place them in their crib, give them their binky and say good night.

After we hang out close by their room for a little bit incase a binky falls out or a leg gets stuck in between the crib bars. But we try to just let the girls do their thing!

In the girls room I love to have a diffuser going and sound machine to help them relax and know it’s bed time. I also like to have a fun Disney lullaby playlist going that they can fall asleep too.

We have audio monitors around the house so while we clean up the toys and dinner time we can hear the girls if they need us!


Favorite Bed Time Routine Products

It has taken sometime to find a routine that has worked for us as a family. Now that we have a good routine down, bed time has been really fun with our girls! I am so grateful for so many amazing products that help our night time go smoothly! Here are our top favorites we use every single night!

1. Puj Tub– A friend recommend this baby bath tub and it is seriously the best ever! Its the perfect size and folds up and is super squishy too! Our girls have been using this tub since they were born and it’s been amazing!

2. Bath Toys– Our girls love playing with toys, even in their sink baths! These little bath toys are the perfect size for little hands and squirt out water too!

3. Bath Time Wash– We have been using Baby Dove Calming Nights Wash and love it! It has a great smell to it and I love the way our girls skin feels so soft and smooth after using it. I have heard Tubby Todd is super awesome to, but haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

4. Cozy PJ’s– OMG baby pj’s are the best ever!! We have a few favorite brands of baby pjs though that our girls wear all the time that wash amazing and last a long time; Happy Hannas, Monica & Andy and Baby Gap!


5. Lotion– Our bedtime routine hasn’t always included lotion with it, but now it does! Before we were just trying to get everyone to bed, but now that things are more chill we felt like we were able to add it in. We have been using the Baby Dove Calming Nights lotion and have loved it!

6. Owlets– These have been awesome for comfort of mind as we switched our girls from their bassinets to their cribs. So grateful for these monitors! They Owlet goes around your babies foot and monitors your babies heart rate and oxygen levels.

7. Diffuser & Night Time Oils– We are big fans of doTERRA Essential oils and use them all the time with our girls! At night time we put a few drops of Serenity in the girls diffuser in their room. The smell is a calming night time aroma that lets the girls know its bed time! We also put on the girls feet Stronger. This is a blend that helps keep the girls from getting sick. Stronger comes pre-diluted so it’s safe to put right on the babies feet.

8. Sleep Sacks– These were a HUGE game changer for our girls transitioning to their bassinets to their cribs. They were used to being swaddled for naps and bed time, so the armless sleep sack worked wonders with our girls. We have only tried 2 brands so far and have loved them both! (Ergo Baby and Little Unicorn)


9. Cute Crib Sheets- Ok this one is not a must, but it just makes me happy! I love seeing cute crib sheets on the girls beds! It also entertains the girls to if they arent ready for bed yet! I have watched on our cameras Scout looking around at the patterns on her crib sheet as she winds down for bed.

10. Binky Penguins– If your babe loves a binky, this is a great night time option! We have loved using these with our girls because if they can find their penguin they can get their binky! I love these ones because you can take the penguin off and wash it!

11. Google Home– We have a lullaby bed time playlist that we ask google to play at bedtime. Once the playlist is over, it automatically turns off. We have found it really helpful to have queues like music, scents, sleep sacks, etc. that help the girls know it’s bed time.

12. Bed Time Books– This is my favorite time with my girls! We read books throughout the day, but bedtime books are personally my favorite! Jake and I have collected the goodnight books from different states on our travels. They have been so fun to read with the girls. Our babes LOOOVE the Baby Animal Finger Puppet books so we usually will read one of those too!

13. Monitors/Video Cameras- We have the Owlet video cameras, but they don’t always turn on when you need them too… so we got some audio monitors as well. The audio monitors seriously rock and are super reliable and no sound delays either!



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