11 Easy & Fun Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

11 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

With having 2 babies and Covid-19 going on right now, we have been doing lots of at home dates nights. Today we thought we would share 11 ideas for easy, fun date nights at home. All of these ideas we have done ourselves and thought it was fun, so we hope you do to!

BBQ Night

A bbq dinner is always a fun date night! We ordered metal skewers and some new dishes/placemats from Wayfair and love how they added some character to our dinner! If you are looking for a fun way to mix up your bbq, try some new dinnerwear to mix it up!


Spending time together playing a game is always a good idea! How awesome is this fun giant Four-In-A-Row?! The past week since we got this game, Jake and I have been playing it every night after our girls go to bed. Four-In-A-Row is such a fun game, but having it in a giant form is so awesome! Wayfair has so many fun outdoor games! Perfect for a fun adventure.

Host A Book Club

Do you and your spouse enjoy reading??!? Take turns each month picking out a book to read and host a monthly book club date night! Each take the time to read the book. Then pick a night to discuss the book! To make it even more fun, have treats & drinks that revolve around the book! The fun thing about this is it’s a date night you can do each month and look forward to!

Fondue Night

Anyone else love dipping treats in chocolate?!?!? A fondue night is a fun way to mix up your typical date night! Grab some melting chips, strawberries, rice crispy treats, and a few other items that are fun to dip in chocolate! Melt the chips, put your dipping items on the end of a fork and dip into the chocolate! Enjoy!

Outdoor Movie

Rent a projector or bring a tv outside for movie night! Grab some sleeping bags/blankets, snuggle up, and enjoy watching a movie in some fresh air!

Make A Fort

Creating a fort is always such a blast! You can use a tent, or use what you have around the house! We always love using the couches, chairs and tons of blankets and pillows! You can watch a movie on an ipad, read books, play Nintendo, or even play a game in your fort!

Have A Karaoke Night

Time to get your singing on! This is fun to set up your space as a little Karaoke Bar. Get some treats out and get ready for a good time. If you type in “Karaoke songs” on YouTube a ton of videos with lyrics come up! Pick a song and sing it! Take turns singing, do a few duets and have a blast!

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Spend an evening looking through photos together! Reminisce over trips you have taken together or even bust out your wedding album!

Make A Story Book

We bought a blank book and wrote a little story together! It was so much fun and we even got crayons out and colored pictures for the book! If you don’t want to buy a blank book you can make one with paper. This is a great way to get creative and put your writing and drawing skills to the test!

Dance Club

Turn your living room into a dance club! Dress up, turn up the volume and have some fun! If you have a strobe light or Christmas lights hiding in your storage bins, bust them out to add to the ambience. You can even spend some time learning some new dance moves together on YouTube.

Make A Bucket List

If you and your spouse have never done this before I highly recommend it! Find out what each others dreams are! Write them down and make a list. Once you are done with your list put it in a spot where you can both see it everyday! Find ways to start crossing off those bucket list items off one by one!

Thanks for stopping by today! Do you have any fun at home date nights you love to do?!!? We would love to hear them in the comments below! Hope you have a great day!

Thank you Wayfair for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own 🙂




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