Tips For Starting Solids With A Baby

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Is your baby ready to start solids but you don’t know where to start?! Today I am sharing lots of tips and tricks from fellow parents who have been through this already! Come get some ideas on how to start feeding your baby solids!

Starting Solids

A few months back when I was starting solids with my girls, I was so nervous! (First time mama here!) I didn’t know where to start or what to do. My twin baby girls were about to turn 6 months old and I knew it was time to think about starting to incorporate solids to their diet. The girls and I were so comfortable in our routine, the thought of starting solids seemed a little overwhelming.

I reached out on Instagram and asked other parents for advice! So grateful for everyone who took the time to respond and help a fellow mama in need! Everyone had so many great tips and advice I thought it was time I should share it for anyone else in the same boat I was!

On this blog post I am sharing other parents advice and experience on feeding their babies. In addition I am also sharing my tips for starting solids with a baby! After going through this myself, I have learned a few things that can help you feel more prepared for starting solids with your baby.


(Wondering about my girls high chairs?! They are from IKEA but we did a fun DIY on them. You can read all about it here and how you can do it too.)

Advice For Starting Solids With A Baby

Below are some comments from parents about starting solids with your baby. My take from all is, YOU GOT THIS! There is not a right or wrong way to get started. We all do things a different way, but the end result is the same… a happy fed baby! Here are what parents are saying about starting solids with a baby….

“With my first due to her cleft palate we only could do purées until she was after a year old. But with Greg. We did a mix of baby led weaning and purées. To start with both of them we did baby cereal mixed with the formula/breast milk. We never did the oatmeal in the bottle 🤷🏼‍♀️ I liked learning along with them!”

“Make your own baby food! So much more tasty, super easy, and I think fun! Just get a good blender (vitamix), ice cube trays w/ covers or freezer molds, and bake, steam, boil away. Add in some cinnamon to like apple or pear sauce or lemon to broccoli & zucchini to work on their flavors. I even just thaw my cubes & take with for dinner out! Good luck. Easiest place to start is bake a bunch of sweet potatoes. Blend (w/ breast milk or water) and freeze in trays. Each cube slot is about 1 tbsp, if it helps track thier eating for a bit. Even easier always keep avocados on hand. Literally spoon out, smoosh, and feed.”

“I started feeding my baby solids when he was able to sit almost on his own (5.5 months) until then he was breast fed exclusively. Started with applesauce spoon feeding for couple of days. I never forced him and also let him touch the food. I started Baby Led Weaning when he was 8 month old. He stoped eating purees at 10 months since he had 8 teeth by then. After apple I continued with banana, pear, carrot, rice and so on. Now he is 17 months he loves food and eats on his own. I just serve him whatever the family is eating but give him an appropriate size.”

“My only advice is not to feel pressured to choose between purees and “Baby Led w|Weaning”! We did a combo with my toddler and it worked well for him to get used to all different tastes and textures.”

“My pediatrician said that research shows babies should start solids at 6 months not earlier. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it has a lot of benefits such as reducing the chances of having allergies….😃👌🏼”

“Start with veggies!! Otherwise they won’t like them if you start with fruit. I did a combo of both mashing up food myself and buying jars. I like beech nut organics.  The jars first because when you start buying pouches those are hard to find with just veggies.  They always add fruit! And that’s great for late.  I also love getting Once Upon A Farm, those are in the refrigerator section. Always clean good ingredients. 

Baby Led Weaning

So many parents recommended Baby Led Weaning. I had no idea what that was, but after hearing so much about it, I was intrigued! Here are a few of the comments on what parents said about Baby Led Weaning…

“We took the BLW approach & at 14 months, we have a really good eater! Don’t worry if they aren’t interested in food, totally normal. We started the day my girl turned 6 months and she spit out 90% of the food she put in her mouth until about 8 months. Although scary, gagging is normal & different than choking and is a part of learning how to eat. Embrace the mess 😂”

“Look up “baby-led weaning”. It’s a method that doesn’t use purées. There are lots of great books out there.”

“I follow a BLW page on Facebook. It has a bunch of tips and photos on how to cut food, etc. It’s been a messy but fun ride so far! There is an Instagram called @boobtofood Pretty helpful.”

“Baby led weaning!! There are some great FB groups. We loved it with the girls! In a nutshell it all about letting them explore food without a spoon! It’s great for their sensory development too. Plus you have a dog! That’s the best for baby led weaning because it can get messy. He can clean up after them! 🙌🏻”

“Check out @babyledweanteam.  She gives tons of helpful things and gave me confidence to not FREAK OUT when your baby gags.”

“Love Baby Led Weaning. Did it with both of my boys. Even if you don’t do BLW, just try to feed them whatever you eat even if it’s purées. My kids eat everything and I really contribute it to BLW and just feeding them what we ate/eat. And you can do a mix of BLW and purées if that feels better to you.”


My Tips For Starting Solids With A Baby

Take A Baby CPR Course

Babies are amazing and do great with solids. For peace of mind, I would recommend doing a baby CPR course. Learn when a baby is gagging vs chocking.

Talk To Your Pediatrician

Pediatricians can be a great resource to help starting solids. They typically will have a list of great first foods, or guidelines for starting solids.

Get Advice From Friends With Babies

How are they feeding their kids?! What are they doing? I have found friends with babies to be some of the best resources out there! Don’t be scared to ask questions and advice.

Listen/Read Books On Feeding Babies Solids

Read some books on feeding babies solids to get some ideas. Pick and choose what you like from the books and run with that! Do something that sounds fun and doable. After reading everyones tips we listened to the Baby Led Weaning book.

Just Start

Is your baby 6 months old!??!?! GO FOR IT! Sometimes the hardest part is starting. It can be intimidating, but just know you and your baby will do great! You guys got this!

Do What Works Best For You & Your Family

Every families life looks different. Don’t feel pressure from how others are do something. It’s important to do what works best for you and your family! For us, I just do 2 meals a day with the girls in their high chairs. Feeding twins can be a lot at one time and so start with what you can do.

Are you wondering how I feed my girls?!?! Well…. After doing some research and trying a few feeding methods, we ended up going the Baby Led Weaning route. I have loved it and my girls have too! Stay tuned for a blog post coming soon all about Baby Led Weaning with twins + my must have BLW supplies.

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you have a great day! Do you have any tips for starting solids with a babies?!

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  • candice
    June 30, 2020

    They are so adorable!

  • Anna
    June 30, 2020

    Hi Kelsey. So glad to know you had a great experience with baby led weaning. I’ve watched a lot of babies learn to eat and guide my own two – if the parents can relax enough, baby led weaning is just so great and you can really see the difference in family and kid attitudes to food. Just keep it up as they get older – trust them to eat what they need if you give them healthy food to choose from.

    • Kelsey Bang
      July 1, 2020

      Thank you for sharing Anna! I love hearing this! I really love your perspective! We are really loving baby led weaning and I love the confidence my girls are gaining from it! They get so excited trying new foods and exploring!

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