Tips and Tricks For Teething Babies + Favorite Teethers

Do you have a baby that is teething?!?! So do I! I reached out to fellow mamas and they shared so many great recommendations! Here are all the great ideas they shared to help a teething baby.

My girls have officially started the teething phase of life! Wahoo! We have had a few sleepless nights with our girls, which is not the norm with them. They are such good sleepers at night and have been sleeping about 11-12 hours since 10 weeks old.

Since this whole teething thing is new to me, I reached out on Instagram to all my mama friends asking for advice with teething! So many amazing mamas were so sweet and came to my rescue to share their experiences with me. There were so many great suggestions and tips, I thought they needed to be shared for anyone else wondering how to help a teething baby! Here are all the tips and tricks that kept coming up for teething babies!

Tips & Tricks For Teething Babies


Day Time Recommendations

Amber necklaces/anklets

Ok so many people swore by these and that they help a ton! Baltic Amber is supposed to help with inflammation and pain. I asked if there were any specific brands of necklaces and everyone said any brand should work just make sure they have Baltic in them. These ones looked awesome and have knots between each Amber bead to ensure it to be safer for little ones. Many moms told me who used Amber anklets they never noticed their baby teething expect for lots of drool.

Silicone feeders with frozen berries or fruit inside

I have tried this with my girls and they love it! It’s like a little baby popsicle! We have used the BOON feeders and they work great and are so easy to clean! My mother-in-law just got us some mesh ones well need to try as well.

Wet the tip of a wash cloth and freeze it

There were several moms who recommend this trick! They said to freeze a corner of a wash cloth and when it is frozen give it to your baby to knaw on. I could see my girls loving this because anytime they get a bath they are always wanting to play with the wash rag and suck on it. Can’t wait to try this!

Freeze a teether

This one would be similar to the wash cloth but a different texture. Most teethers are made to go in the freezer and say so on the packaging 🙂


There are lots of creative moms out there. I thought this one was fun someone shared. “Babies love the the taste of cardboard for some reason. Old Mexican family trick, clean a potato, slice it in three, freeze it and give it to the baby. They love the way it tastes, it’s not a choking hazard and it helps numb the gums.”

Another mom said frozen Eggos were her go-to teether!



Night Time Recommendations

Lots of moms recommend using medicine for those nights that your babes teeth are coming through.

One mom said something that I loved and thought I would share,”Our pediatrician said not to be afraid to use Tylenol or Motrin (6 months+)!  I was always so afraid to give medicine but it was the ONLY thing that helped my son sleep during the couple of nights that the teeth are breaking through. I felt so much better after I realized that hey if I’m in pain I’d take a Tylenol, why wouldn’t I offer that to my poor little baby too if it’s safe?”

Recommended Medicine from Moms

These were the products that kept popping up: Camilla Drops, Baby Tylenol, Baby Ibuprofen, Baby Orajel & Teething Tablets.

Another idea could be to give your baby’s gums a rub down before bed. Rub your finger across their gums and let them chew.



Around 4 months old my girls become obsessed with teethers! They loved playing with them so much because of the soft textures and lots of places to chew on! Now they seriously naw like crazy on the teethers! There are a few styles that the girls play with the most!

Favorite Teethers

Baby Banana Brush– This is the perfect size for little hands! Both girls will grab onto these teethers and have at it! They also come in a couple fun colors as well 😉

Itzy Ritzy Lemon Shaped Silicone Teething Ball– I had bought this teether in the blush pink berry because it was soo darling I couldn’t pass it up! Little did I know how much the girls would love it so much, I bought a second in the lemon. The girls love how its round and the little “leaves” are perfect to bite on!

Octopus Teether by Baby Banana Brush– Scout does not like to share this teether! She loves it so much! One of the legs of the octopus is her favorite and she loves chewing on it so much! Davey has her own to and she loves chewing on the octopus head!

Rattle Teething Bracelets– Ok these are so cute and fun! It’s a velcro bracelet that goes around the babies wrist that has a rattle on it and a teething part as well. The girls think these are so fun and love having one on each wrist! haha These also wash well in the washer if they get really slobbery. (I let them air-dry after I wash them)

Rattle Ball & Sensory Teether Toy– A friend gifted us this rattle ball and the girls LOVE it! So many fun loops to hold and chew. Plus it has soft silicone leaves to chew on too! I love that its not your typically “teether” and is a fun toy as well!



With all things baby, make sure to stay safe and keep an eye on what’s in your babies mouth. Thank you to all the moms who shared these great recommendations! I am excited to try some of these for my girls!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Have you experienced a teething baby?! What would you recommend?!

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Tips and Tricks For Teething Babies + Favorite Teethers