Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller Review

Wondering if the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller is right fit for you and your family!? Come join today as we share all the in’s and out’s of this stroller and why decided to go with this stroller for our family!

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller

If you follow us on Instagram you might of noticed we got a new stroller back in January! Wahoo! It’s been a five months since we have had it, traveled with it, and gone on adventures with it, so now it’s time to share our review!

Picking out a stroller can be hard work. Today I hope to make that process easier for you and share why we went the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double for a toddler stroller for our twins.

If you have been following along, you might know we started off with a different stroller. That stroller is the Thule Sleek and converted it into a double stroller. You can read all about it here. It has been such an awesome stroller, but we found ourselves wanting a second stroller so we could keep one in the car and one out ready for walks. We knew we loved our first Thule stroller, so we did some research and decided we wanted to go with a Thule stroller again! Here is why!


This may not be a big selling point for everyone, but for us, this is huge!! We have been wanting a side by side stroller, but all of the ones we were looking at were too wide to take to Disneyland. This past year Disney made new stroller requirements and 99% of side by side strollers do not fit the sleek requirements. Good news though… this Thule Urban Glide fits within the size requirements! (And yes I have taken this stroller to Disneyland 5 times and got in every time!)

Folds Up Compact

One thing I love about this stroller are the seats are attached to the stroller so it folds in one easy fold. If you need a more compact fold, the wheels come off for a flatter lay. There is a button that makes the wheels super easy to take on and off when pressed.

Convient For Travel

With how this stroller folds up it makes it super perfect for traveling in airports and on public transportation. A lot of times on buses, metros you have to get kiddos out of the stroller and fold it up. With the seats already attached to this stroller it folds up super easy which makes these situations a breeze! You also don’t have to worry about loosing stroller attachments either!

Stroller Fits Through Standard Doors

One reason I didn’t want to get a side by side stroller early on was because I wanted to be able to go through doors and not take up much space when we were out and about. The Thule Urban Glide 2 has a small enough foot print and easily gets in and out of standard doors. Other side by side strollers I have tried, it was hard to get through doors and would need to turn the stroller diagonal to get through them. I love how this one fits through doors with ease!

Easy To Clean

My girls love eating in their stroller! Luckily this stroller is super easy to clean if we happen to get food in it or mud from rainy days! I just use a hand vacuum for crumbs and a baby wipe for the seats. For the frame of the stroller I just wipe down with a wet rag. That always does the trick!

Great Suspension

This stroller is called the Thule Urban Glide for a reason! It really does glide and works on lots of different surfaces. There is also a hand brake that is nice to have! If you are active and love being out and about, this is a great stroller to have along on the ride.

Lots Of Storage Space

Underneath the seats there is a large storage space. One thing I love about Thule strollers is they have the option to zip up the storage compartment completely closed. If you want to leave it open you can, but if you are out and about and want the below items secured and safe, zip them up! On the back of the seats there is also a mesh bag area that could fit water bottles, toys, etc.

Able To Add Attachments

Want to use this stroller with an infant and a toddler?! Yup, you can! Just add attachments on one seat for a car seat or bassinet and you are good to go! The attachments are super easy to use and take on and off. (If you have twins, just know on this stroller only one seat side can have attachments on it at a time. I would recommend starting off with the Thule Sleek and getting the Thule Urban Glide 2 as kiddos get older.)

Beautiful Craftsmen Ship

The Thule Urban Glide 2 is really well made. Not only is it a beautifully made, the creators really thought through everything! All the canopies are made from UV protected fabric, soft handle grip, 5 point harness that is easy to adjust when needed, etc.


In my mind, Thule is an adventure brand. I love having a Thule stroller and knowing it’s so dependable! We have taken our Thule strollers all over and on many trips and they have worked out great! We like to be out and about and have fun! This Thule Urban Glide stroller is worth the splurge! I know it will be great to have around for our future kids too!

We have LOVED this stroller for twins but know it would also be great for an older sibling and younger one. This is a great stroller than can grow with the family. If you are looking for something like this stroller but a smaller version, it also comes in a one seater. Linked to it here.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Hope this Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller review helped! If you have any questions on it let me know! Want to see this stroller in action? You can check out our YouTube video all about it here.

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  • Yorlina
    August 16, 2021

    Can you take the Thule double stroller to Disney World?

  • Jordan
    April 11, 2022

    Have you actually taken it to a Disney Park? According to the Disney stroller rules, this stroller is over the 31” limit, as the stroller is 31.5” wide. But if you’ve taken it to a Disney park then there must be some wiggle room on the 31” limit.

    • Anonymous
      April 11, 2022

      Yup! We have taken it to Disneyland 5 times 🙂

  • Alexandra
    June 9, 2023


    Have you taken this stroller on a plane as checked baggage? If so, what bag did you use/how did you pack or wrap it?

    Thanks so much,


  • Sari
    July 19, 2023

    Hi! Do you know if there is a travel bag that this stroller would fit in?

  • Ren
    November 25, 2023

    Thanks for the review. Were you able to use it for your new born twins? Can you fit two bassinets?
    Thank you

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Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller Review