30 Gift Ideas For A One Year Old That They Will Love!

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Looking for gift ideas for a one year old?! Sharing 30 tested and approved gifts for a one year old that they will LOVE!

Gift Ideas For A One Year Old

Looking for some fun gift ideas for a one year old?! Don’t worry, we got you covered! Sharing my twins favorite toys they have repeatedly played with over the last year. These are all toys we have been gifted by family/friends or purchased on our own and LOVE and would recommend!

Gifts Under $30

Picnic Lunch Sorter ($20.99)

My friend Aimee got this for my girls first birthday and it’s been a hit since they day they got it! It has been fun to see my girls enjoy putting shapes in the shape sorter to having pretend picnics! Lots of fun options with this toy. I even like playing with it too!

Playmobil 123 Airport Shuttle Bus ($22)

I love toys that have interactive elements to it as my kids get older. My girls have really been into cars and I was so excited to find this one. They love putting the people in the seats and the luggage in the car. Lots of fun ways to play with this toy! We also got a school bus from Playmobil and my girls play with these every morning while I make breakfast.

Melissa and Doug Safari Animal Sorter Truck ($16)

This truck has been a hit with my girls and I love that as they get older it grows with them. When they were one they liked just playing with the animals, now they like putting the animals through the different holes and driving the truck around. Plus they can learn animals and animal sounds with this toy as well with interactive play.

Wooden Play Food ($11.99)

I bought this play food for my girls and they play with it almost every day. It was originally for their play kitchen (which all 4 food crates fit perfect in) but they love getting it out and having pretend picnics and feeding their stuffed animal food. This is a great way to learn different foods and learning pretend play.

Velcro Wood Play Food ($17.99)

If you have not noticed yet, we are big fans of wooden toys. This velcro play food set has been really fun to play with. Right now my girls just stick the pieces together and take them apart. But this set comes with a play knife that eventually they will be able to “cut” the fruit.

Kitchen Sink ($29)

Have you seen these play sinks?!? My mother-in-law bought one for my girls and they are obsessed! It’s a great way to learn how to turn water on and off, learn to wash hands, dishes, etc. The cool thing about this is the water recycles and never stops running. No joke, best invention ever. My girls are 20 months right now and play with this kitchen sink for hours at a time.

Wood Blocks ($23.95)

My aunt gave my girls a set of wooden blocks. They are all different shapes and sizes. These have been fun to learn shapes with and have fun stacking.


When my girls hit 12 months old, that is when we ran out of clothing for them. Picking out a few fun outfits or pjs are always great gifts for a one year old. A few of our favorite places to shop for toddler clothing is Monica and Andy, Old Navy, Gap and Hanna Andersson.

Basket Ball ($29)

Balls are super fun at this age! Bouncy ones, big ones, all kinds! I recently got this darling floral basketball for my girls and need to order a second one it has been such a hit! My girls love taking it around everywhere bouncing it around.

Pop It ($8)

I saw these a few weeks ago at Target and thought they would be fun for my girls for car rides! They have been a hit! I have tried a few other brands of these since we got this one and hands down would recommend the Pop It version for toddlers. The material is thinner but durable so it’s easier for little hands to push the pops. This is also a great quite toy for church 🙂

Buckle Toy ($12.99)

A friend noticed my girls liked to play with their highchair buckles and recommend this buckle toy. It has been a go to for my girls and it’s been so fun to see them learn how to use it as they keep playing with it! This is a great toy to help learn coordination and build up that finger dexterity! I like to put this toy in our diaper bag for church and car rides.

Musical Instruments Set ($26)

This is such a fun age to introduce musical instruments! The girls got this fun pack of musical instruments. They have loved it so much, I ended up adding to the collection with some instruments from Djeco. Djeco is another favorite toy brand of mine. Great quality and super cute! The instrument line is soo darling!

Board Books

One year olds are so fun to read books to! They catch on so quickly and have so much fun spotting animals, making sounds, etc. Here are a few of our favorite board books we read every night here, here, and here. For more of our favorite board books check out here.

Wooden Animal Magnets ($22)

Not only are these the cutest magnets ever, they work great! There is also a huge variety of animals as well!

Wooden Puzzles ($19.99)

There are lots of awesome wood puzzles out there. This one my girls LOVE. It has super cute animals, not too many pieces, and sensory fabric on the back of each animal.

Plastic Finger Puppets ($12.49)

My toddlers LOOOVE finger puppets! They are constantly putting them on their toes, fingers, and taking them all over the house. I got this dog and cat pack and it’s been fun!

Bunny Carrot Wooden Stacker ($25)

Tender Leaf Toys are seriously the best! This bunny carrot stacker is super fun and perfect for little hands!

Stacking Cups ($4.99)

Perfect bath toys that don’t get mold! We love these stacking cups and have been using them as bath toys for months now. These would be great on the floor as well 🙂

Splurge Gifts ($50+)

Mini Play Kitchen ($159)

Ok, this is seriously the cutest kitchen ever! It comes with utensils, cups, teapot, plates, etc. The quality is amazing and it’s the perfect size for toddlers. To say my twins are obsessed with this kitchen would be an understatement. They play with it every day and love opening the doors, putting things inside, putting fish crackers in the cups, climbing on top of it, etc. This mini kitchen is worth every penny and super sturdy!

Kids Table and Chairs ($249)

Davey and Scouts Grandparents bought them their first kids table. It has been so nice for the girls to learn how to get in and out of their own chair, have a place to color, snack time on, pretend tea parties, etc. This is the table we have and have loved it! Jake and I sit on the chairs all the time (even though they are mini) and they feel super durable. A good kids table and chairs are a great investment!

Trampoline ($169.99)

We recently got this 10 foot trampoline for our girls and love that I can play on it with them. Perfect size and height.

Water Table ($60)

I was hesitant on getting a water table, but it is a purchase I have not regretted! We got a fun dinosaur themed one, but there are lots of great ones out there with lots of water gadgets! These are fun to have around to use with water or even without!

Giant Jellycat Stuffed Animals ($60)

Stuffed animals are always a hit at this age! My girls recently got giant Jellycat stuffed animals (Bunny and Giraffe) and they are obsessed. They take them around with them everywhere and snuggle with them. These are the perfect size for tea party friends! It’s fun to have a animal friend your same size! If you have not had a chance to check out Jellycat stuffed animals, now is the time! They are so soft and have the cutest animal designs!

Toddler Car Seat ($349)

Crazy how it’s already time to switch car seats again! This is a great practical gift that will surely go to good use! These are the toddler car seats we got for our girls and love that they will be the last car seats we need to buy for our girls since they convert as they grow.

Noahs Ark Playmobil 123 ($46)

One thing I love about this toy is it’s a carrying case boat that fits all the animals inside. This Noahs Ark toy set can also float and actually go in water too! My girls love loading the animals up in the boat! Such a cute fun toy!

Play House Tent ($69)

My girls got this tent for Christmas. They think it’s the coolest thing ever and enjoy reading books in it. I am sure as they get older they will have fun playing house in it too 😉

Toddler Standing Tower ($110)

These toddler standing towers are super cool! If you have wanted to get your babe involved in the kitchen, or be able to get to the sink to brush their teeth or wash their hands check these out. The only negative is they do not fold up compact, but they are super sturdy and I love the safety factors they have on them.

Minikane Babydoll ($45)

One year olds love babies, perfect age for a first baby doll! I LOOOOVE the Minikane dolls and have gotten a few for my girls. This one is Scouts favorite one she loves taking around! Such beautiful dolls!

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car ($50-70)

The Cozy Coupe is such a classic gift for a one year old! What one year old doesn’t want their own car?!? These are so fun and come in lots of color options now. Personally this dinosaur one is my favorite!

Thank you so much for stopping by today for gift ideas for a one year old! Did we miss anything?!?! If you have any favorites that arent on the list, we would love ot hear all about them! Hope you have a wonderful day!



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