5 Ways To Help Someone Feel Extra Special On Their Birthday

Looking for a way to help someone feel extra special on their birthday?!!? Today we got you covered and sharing 5 fun ways to make that happen!

5 Ways To Help Someone Feel Extra Special On Their Birthday

My hubby Jake recently had a birthday! We had so much fun celebrating him with a dinosaur birthday party! Typically we don’t do adult b-day parties for each other, but this year with covid and twins…we decided lets have some fun! It was such a fun time, I am so glad we did! Birthdays are such a fun and special time to celebrate! Today I wanted to share 5 ways to help someone feel extra special on their birthday! These are all things we have tried and done over the years and look forward to!


Make Them Their Favorite Breakfast

Start the day off strong with their favorite breakfast! Whether you make it or buy it, either is a great option! Jake is obsessed with a local donut joint that has maple bacon donuts, so that is what he wanted for his breakfast. Something simple like their favorite box of cereal would be fun too. One of my friends Scarlett does funfetti birthday pancakes with a candle on top. I always thought that was a cute idea too! Here is her recipe for those pancakes here.

Add Some Birthday Decor

A little birthday banner or blowing up a few balloons can go a long way! No need to do anything big (I tend to go overboard a lot in this department…hahha) but just a little something to help someone feel special.

Share Why You Love Them

Growing up on someones birthday we would go around the room and each take turns telling the bday person why we loved them. We would all usually get pretty emotional but it was so fun too! Every year on my birthday I honestly looked forward to hearing why everyone loved me! hahaha It was such a special tradition I loved with my family and can’t wait to carry on this tradition with my own little family now. This is a great tradition for parents and kids to hear each other express love and appreciation for one another.


Plan A Special Activity

Think about something special the birthday person has been wanting to do. Is it a place they have wanted to visit? An activity they have been wanting to do? Or something they have really needed help with?!?! Plan something special to do with the birthday person to help them feel super loved! Jake has really wanted to learn how to make candles, so for his birthday we made wood wick soy based candles! It was a fun learning experience for both of us and excited to make more in the future.


Buy Them A New Birthday Outfit

Ok this one may sound cheesy….but it’s really the best! On a birthday it is always fun to wear something new! Get the b-day person a new shirt to open on their birthday to wear! For Jake I got him a Jurassic Park shirt since it went with the theme of the party. Find something you think the b-day person would love and surprise them with it on the morning of their birthday!

Jurassic Park Dinosaurs: (found at Target & Walmart)
Brachiosaurs Dino: https://bit.ly/3bvtYXE
Albertosaurus Dino: https://bit.ly/2Nje7mW
Mosasaurus Dino: https://bit.ly/3dxNcOP
Baryonyx Grim Dino: https://bit.ly/3saviFW
Raptor Dino: https://bit.ly/3uhvtRv
Medium Sized Plastic Dinosaurs: https://bit.ly/2ZCYdGi
Small Plastic Dinosaurs: https://bit.ly/2Nox1IZ
Dinosaur Cookie Dough Cutters: https://bit.ly/3qRIqjb
PlayDoh: https://bit.ly/2NtuNYG
Inflatable Dinosaurs (6 pack): https://bit.ly/2ZCXNjn
Wood Puzzle: https://bit.ly/3uhr9Sh
Dinosaur Stuffed Animals In A Volcano: https://bit.ly/3pFYiUa
Jeep Jurassic Park Remote Control: https://bit.ly/3qIL4ro
Jurassic Park T-Shirt: https://bit.ly/3uiuKj5
Toddler Dinosaur Shirts: https://bit.ly/3qDdFy0
Dinosaur Water/Sand Table: https://bit.ly/3keAPIL
Dark Green Balloons: https://bit.ly/3qILuxY
Lime Green Balloons: https://bit.ly/3qRfOGo
White Balloons: https://bit.ly/3pEPFsY
Gold Balloons: https://bit.ly/2ZxUYjl
(This Balloon Kit Looks Awesome!): https://bit.ly/3qRJvHL
Gold RAWWR Balloons: https://bit.ly/3pyGxpW
Dinosaur Plates: https://bit.ly/3qLh4v2
Napkins: https://bit.ly/3qLh4v2
Cups: https://bit.ly/3qLh4v2
Lime Green Silverware: https://bit.ly/3aDFqRK
Jurassic World Pin The Tail On The Dinosaur:
Dinosaur Candles: https://bit.ly/2P0ZxB3
Blue Dinosaur Table Cloth: https://bit.ly/3pBRd75
Burlap Table Runner: https://bit.ly/3shG3q7
Greenery On Kitchen Table (I just cut these up): https://bit.ly/3sepTOc
White and Gold Happy Birthday Banner: https://bit.ly/3ugGXF5

Green Vine Garland: https://bit.ly/3bq2gLF
Dinosaur Happy Birthday Banner: https://bit.ly/3bn5sI1
Party Hats (added cardstock paper for the dino scales): https://bit.ly/3aCbntn
Green Jurassic World Tablecloth (under the presents): https://bit.ly/3qLh4v2
Giant Ball Mason Jar: https://bit.ly/3dwQ2nl
Small Mason Jars: https://bit.ly/3ul9fy0
Rocks (got at the Dollar Tree): https://bit.ly/3aERv9b
Small Greenery Stems (Dollar Tree): https://bit.ly/3dwBCn3
Large Palm Greenery Stems: https://bit.ly/2ZnqnVB
Jurassic World Hanging Honeycombs: https://bit.ly/3bvsRaq
Green Cake Platter: https://bit.ly/3sqggMz
Happy Birthday Gold Cake Topper: https://bit.ly/2NI707e
Jurassic World Lego Set W/ Indominus Rex: https://bit.ly/3qF8hus 


Thank you so much for stopping by today! Do you have any birthday traditions you look forward to? Or is there something special someone does to help you feel special on your birthday?!?! We would love to hear all about it in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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5 Ways To Help Someone Feel Extra Special On Their Birthday