10 Inexpensive Ways to Say “I Love You” – Meaningful Valentines Gifts that Rock!

Trying to stay on budget this Valentines but get a gift for your loved one that they will love?! Sharing 10 fun and meaningful ways to say “I love you” without breaking the bank!

Oh Valentines, such a fun time of year! Anyone else super excited to celebrate soon?!! Whether you want to say I love you to a spouse, a family member or a potential lover, saying “I love you” can be pricey!

Today we wanted to share 10 fun and inexpensive ways to say I love you! Jake and I find we are buying things for ourselves all year long, so when it comes to holidays we like to mix it up. If we are not planning an adventure together, we like to make something special for each other. Since Valentines is about 2 weeks away, I wanted to share some things we have done for each other in the past we both have really loved and appreciated and thought you might to!

Meaningful Inexpensive Valentines Gifts that Rock


1. Make your own edible arrangement

This could also be a fun date night idea to do together as well! Jake was so cute one year and made me an edible arrangement! Not only did it look cute, it tasted great too! For this you just need some skewers, fresh fruit, a vase and melting chocolate!

2. Heart attack their room

This is a very inexpensive way to say I love you, but can be super meaningful and fun to do! When Jake and I were dating I did this on our first Valentines together. It was so much fun cutting out a bunch of hearts and taping them up all over his room. I wrote on all the hearts things I loved about him or drew funny pictures that were inside jokes on them! Jake is so cute and still has the hearts in a ziploc bag in his keepsakes box.

If you live together with the person you want to heart attack, you could heart attack a space in the home like the kitchen for when they wake up in the morning. You could also go to their place of work and decorate their work space area.


3. Create a book about your love story

You can buy a blank bound book for a few dollars, draw pictures and write a story. This would once again be a fun date to do together and see how each of your stories of your dating come experience very.

4. Make a photo book of your favorite adventures together

Create a mini picture book of your favorite adventures. I love creating photo books on Shutterfly and have made some for Jake before for under $20. They always have a discount code or something where you can get a great deal. You could do a chat book or something like that as well!

5. Decorate a card

Go to the dollar store, or find some scrapbook supplies around the house. Spend some time having fun decorating and personalizing a card. Inside the card write a list of reasons why you love that person and your favorite memories with them. Jake is actually pretty talented at drawing so he has drawn me some pretty great cards in the past! I’m more of a “what’s inside the card that counts” kinda gal. Fun stickers or glued trinkets are a bonus!


6. Sew a Animal Friend

Sew your own stuffed animal. Ok, I know this one sounds a little ambitious, but it is a fun one to do if you are up for the challenge! One year Jake (who has never touched a sewing machine in his life) made me a stuffed narwhal plush! He even made a tag on it that said “I love you Kelsey” and a little message from him. He YouTubed how to use a sewing machine, found a beginners narwhal sewing pattern for free online, went to Joann’s and got some fabric for 40% with a coupon, and went for it! You can actually see a picture of the narwhal here if you want. He did such an amazing job and is still to this day one of my favorite presents I have ever received. That took some time and learning on his part but was super meaningful and sweet.

7. Make a Special Music Playlist

Make a playlist of love songs or a cd to share! Music is such a fun way to connect with someone. If you have pandora or google music you could create a play list and share it. Jake is cute and will make me cd’s for my car and will draw on the cd. That is always fun to see what he comes up with and have a physical item. Depends on what you guys like and your preference but either one can be great! You could also do songs from when you were dating or remind you of fun times together.


8. Create a Coupon Book

Create a coupon book of IOU’s. You can fill the coupon book with romantic things or household choirs! This is always a fun way to get creative! If you don’t feel like making your own coupon book, you can always find some fun templates for a coupon online. Here are a few cute ones I found here, here and here. I have found the goal with coupon books is fill it with items that the person you are giving it to will be excited about and really redeem!

9. Balloon Bouquet

Stop by their work with a handful of red and pink balloons. I always forget about balloons, but they are super inexpensive and always fun! Going to the dollar store is a great place to get helium filled ones for a great price. Then you guys can use the balloons after for a great photo opp too! You can see a fun balloon bouquet Jake got me one year here.

10. Write a love poem or song

Write a love poem or a song. When Valentines Day rolls around, perform it for your loved one! I think this is what I’ll do for Jake this year and make a music video! He would think that would be pretty entertaining 🙂 Jake always wants me to sing for him, but I never do… so maybe for Valentines!


What do you like to give your loved ones for Valentines?! We would love to hear your creative, budget friendly ideas! Thanks for stopping by today 🙂

HIS LOOK- Blazer: Banana Republic | Shirt: Banana Republic | Pants: All Saints | Shoes: Jack Purcell

HER LOOK- Dress: Asos | Heart Purse: Kate Spade | Hello Kitty Sneakers: Converse | Lipstick: Colourpop- Snow White

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