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Looking for some fun activities to do with your toddler this Christmas?!!? Today I am sharing lots of fun Christmas Bucket List ideas you and your little one can do to get into the holiday season! I even have a free Christmas Bucket List printable with all the ideas on it too!

Christmas Bucket List With Toddlers

OMG!!!!! It’s Christmas time!!!!!!! Time to have some family fun! Every year Jake and I make a Christmas bucket list of all the things we want to do and go for it! We don’t always get to everything on our list, but we sure have fun trying! This year we are soooooo excited to celebrate the holidays with our darling baby girls Davey and Scout. They are currently 14 months old and at such a fun age to start to do more hands on things together! This is the bucket list Jake and I put together of all the activities we want to do with them this year. If you want to join in the fun to, here is PDF PRINT OUT with all the ideas.

Christmas Jammies

This is an easy and fun one that can be enjoyed all month long! Matching family PJ’s are the best! There are lots of great places to get them from buy my go-to’s are Hanna Andersson and Old Navy. Here is a link to the pjs we are wearing πŸ™‚ The great thing about this style is they come out with it every year! So we only need to buy the girls new pjs! SCORE!

Cookies For Santa

Ho, Ho Ho! Santa is coming to town!! Make some cookies or frost some sugar cookies for him…and make sure to sneak a few of yourself too πŸ˜‰ Every time I make sugar cookies they are a hit or miss for turning out so I decided this year to get a pre-made cookie kit from my favorite bakery The Chocolate! They have the best sugar cookies and have a winter themed kit with soft sugar cookies, frosting and sprinkles! I am all about fun activities that are easy and simple! If you don’t live by The Chocolate, try calling a local bakery and see if they can make cookies and put the frosting on the side for you to decorate with.

Make A Movie Fort

This is a tradition Jake and I do every Halloween and Christmas and its our favorite! We made movie forts last year with our girls and excited to do it again this year! I want to watch Elf with the girls! We haven’t really watched movies or tv shows with them, so I am excited to have a movie fort afternoon with them. If you are looking for some fun Christmas movies, here is a list of all our favorites!

Salt Dough Ornaments

I did this a few days ago and with my girls and it was so much fun! Wish I would of known how easy and quick these were to make because I would of made these last year with my girls too! Oh well, better late than never right?!? This is the recipe I used. I felt like it needed a little more water to the recipe so instead of 1 1/4 cups, use 1 1/3 cup of warm water so the dough isn’t as flaky. I would also recommenced picking up some acrylic paint to paint the ornaments after they have been baked.

Make Gingerbread Cookies

In the past we have done gingerbread houses, but with our girls ages we thought it might be more fun to make cookies! We are going to try KJP’s famous gingerbread recipe and hope they turn out! I ordered all the ingredients on our Walmart pick up order, so this should be fun! I think the girls will have fun cutting out shapes in the dough!

Wear Holiday Sweaters

Jake and I LOOOOOOVE dressing up and are so excited to dress up in ugly cute holiday sweaters with our girls! I found some cute kids ones at Target I picked up for the girls. Here is a link to all the fun ones they have this year. These are the ones I got my girls.

Drive Through Lights

We have a place close by that we can stay in the car and drive through all the Christmas lights. Its super cold where we live so this is a great option for us with two toddlers. Zoo lights, driving around neighborhoods, etc. are all super fun options too!

Deck The Halls

Have fun putting up Christmas decorations together! Not going to lie…I was a little nervous with twin toddlers and a Christmas tree… but it has gone great! We put up all the decor together and my girls were sooo excited about every little thing. It made it so magical. Even if it’s helping put fake presents under the tree, try to find something the kiddos can help with.

Build A Snowman

Anyone else hoping for a fresh blanket of snow for Christmas??!? We got our girls snowsuits all ready just incase we get some good snow this holiday! We have not built a snowman with our girls before so we thought this would be fun! Sledding or tubing could also be really fun options!

Red & Green Glow Stick Bath

This is so random but I thought it would be fun and festive! A lot of the things we originally thought of for this list involved night time activities like Christmas lights but our girls go to be at 6pm… I was trying to be creative! haahah I have done glow stick baths with my girls and it has been a hit, so thought lets do red and green for the holiday! This is super easy and a fun way to incorporate some Christmas fun into what you are already doing! Here you can get a ton of glow sticks for cheap, or the Dollar Store is a great place to get them too! I like to get the bracelets and just not use the bracelet attachment on them. When you are done with the glow sticks, put them in the freezer. Another evening use the glow sticks again and get them out of the freezer!

Cut Out Snowflakes

Making snowflakes is so much fun! If your kids are too little for scissors, cut out a few and let them color them. Or tape them on the wall where they can reach them and have putting them on and off the wall. I did this at Halloween with cut out ghosts and my girls had so much fun trying to reach for all the ghosts! You could also use the snowflakes to decorate their room together.

Jingle Bells

Kids love music and fun sounds! Buy some bells, or bang pots and pans! Make some fun music together! My girls have these little bracelets with bells on them and they are so obsessed! I will put them on the girls ankles or wrists and they think they are the coolest thing ever!

Make Homemade Marshmallows For Hot Chocolate or Smores

A few years ago Jake and I did a fun staycation at the Montage hotel in Park City. They had smore’s with homemade marshmallows! Ever since then… I have wanted to make homemade marshmallows. This is the year! I found a fun recipe/video on how to make them and they actually seem pretty straight forward! Can’t wait to try these out and see how they taste! Something about the holidays and making yummy food just feels right! I’ll probably make these in the evening and have them ready for an afternoon of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Another fun option is going out for hot chocolate. We have a place by us that does sleigh rides and hot cocoa! that could be a blast!

Write Letters To Santa

Is there anything more fun than writing letters to Santa?! The last time Jake and I were writing letters to Santa was 2 years ago right before we started IVF. Excited this year to write letters to Santa with my girls! Well lets be honest…it will be more like cute doodles on a paper πŸ˜‰

Take A Selfie With Santa or…..?!?!?

This year I know pictures with Santa may look a little different. I saw a Santa station where there was a selfie spot to get a picture with Santa. Jake had the fun idea to dress up as Santa this year. I was out at my favorite party store Zurchers grabbing a few stocking stuffers and saw a Santa suit and bought it! We’ll see how dressing up as Santa goes this year!

Read The Story Of Christ’s Birth

During this time of year it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the excitement but it’s always important to remember what Christmas is all about! CHIRST πŸ™‚ I want to make sure to read the story of Christ’s birth with my girls. There are lots of cute board books out there that share this story that is a great option too! We got this one that we have been reading with our girls.

Thanks so much for stopping by today for our Christmas bucket list with toddlers! If you want to join in the fun to, here is FREE PRINT OUT check list. Do you have anything you are wanting to do this holiday season or a tradition this time of year you look forward to?!!? We would love to hear all about it in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by today! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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