Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas That Look AMAZING!

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Looking for some ideas for wrapping Christmas presents?! Today I am sharing easy gift wrapping ideas that will look amazing under your tree!

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Anyone else love wrapping gifts?!? I am a big fan! Growing up I loved it so much, my mom always put me in charge of wrapping presents for the entire fam! Each year I try to mix it up a little on what I do but I am all about simple ideas that making wrapping gifts look awesome! Today I am sharing a few easy Christmas gift wrapping ideas that look amazing!

Pick Out Fun Wrapping Paper

This may seem obvious, but picking out a fun wrapping paper can make all the difference! If I am doing a few wrapping papers I try to pick out ones that are in a similar color pallet. This year I wrapped everyone in the families presents in their own wrapping paper. Davey dog paper, Scout Merry Christmas paper and Jake/Zeke Kraft paper. Some of my favorite places to shop for wrapping paper is a local party store Zurchers, Hobby Lobby, Meri Meri and Rifle Paper Co. After Christmas is a great time to buy wrapping paper at a mega discount and stock up for the next year.

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Stamp kraft paper, used old maps, music sheets, crossword puzzle paper, newspaper, paint paper, possibilities are endless! See what you have laying around the house and go for it!

Tie A Ribbon, Twine Or Yarn Around The Present

This is a super fun way to spice up a present! In these pictures I used different kinds of yarn to go around all the presents. There are so many options/sizes available these days.


Ohhh embellishments! The possibilities are endless! Dried oranges, pine tree needles, ornaments, berry stem, bottle brush trees, candy canes, salt dough hand prints, pine cones, buttons, wool creations, cookie cutter, paper snowflakes, etc. Anything festive works! Tape it on the wrapping or tie it on with some twine/ribbon.


Add A Pom Pom

Want a big statement on a present that is super affordable and fun to make?! Add a pom pom! Here is a little tutorial on how to make pom poms and all you need is some yarn and scissors.

Add Cool Gift Tags

SO many fun gift tags out there! I made these ones with wood and chalkboard tags I found and used my Cricut to add the vinyl lettering on them. These were super fun to make and loved how I could personalize them. Gift tags are a super simple way to add a personal touch to a gift.


Top With A Big Bow

Is there anything more classic that a bow for Christmas?! There are lots of cool bows out there on the market these days! I found these fun fabric ones below from Target. These ones would be great too reuse for the next year as well.

Bag It

Another option is gift bags! Jakes grandma likes to make her own cloth drawstring reusable bags! The cloth bags are great because they fit many shapes in them for those hard to wrap presents. This is a great way to save on paper waste as well. I have also seen these reusable wrapping cloths for presents. I haven’t tried them before but they look cool!

Thanks so much for stopping by today for easy Christmas gift wrapping ideas that look awesome! Do you have any ways you like to wrap presents?! If so I would love to hear about it in the comments below! I am always looking for new ways to wrap! Hope you have a great day!


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  • Karissa
    October 27, 2022

    What is the pink ribbon/yarn you used? Your gift wrapping is beautiful!

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Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas That Look AMAZING!