Valentine’s Bucket List

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Wondering what to do!?!? Don’t worry, we have a bucket list of ideas to help celebrate the occasion!


Valentine’s Day Bucket List

Anyone else love Valentine’s Day?!?!? Growing up I always loved this holiday. As I have gotten older I have enjoyed different aspects of Valentine’s even more. If you are looking for some fun activities to do this Valentine’s, here is a Valentine’s bucket list of ideas of things we try to do every year!

Eat A Heart Shaped Meal

Is there anything more festive than a fun themed meal?!?! Try some heart shaped pancakes or waffles (here is a link to the cutest little heart shaped waffle iron). Or pick up a Papa Murphy’s heart shaped pizza!

Watch A Romantic Movie

Nothing says Valentine’s like a romance! Looking for some movie ideas?! Here is a list of 40 romantic movies (separated by movie genres)!

Eat A Box Of Chocolates

Chocolate is always a good idea! Whether you entire an entire box yourself, or share….enjoy!

Dress Up Fancy

Have a fun time and dress up! Pull out all the stops and put on that beautiful/dapper outfit!

Heart Attack A Friend’s Door

Anyone else love a good heart attack!?! I remember when I turned 12, a bunch of friends heart attacked my front yard. It meant so much to me, I have loved heart attacking ever since! Here’s how you do it: Cut out some hearts, write some love notes on them and tape them all over a friend’s door! This will be sure to leave a smile on their face!

Deliver Flowers To A Loved One

Is there anyone you’ve been thinking about lately!? Any widows in the neighborhood who would enjoy some flowers!?! What about visiting a nursing home with flowers and passing them out!? Brighten someone’s Valentine’s by sharing some flowers with them.

Make Valentines

Pick up some Valentines at the store or make some special ones to deliver! You are never too old to make a Valentine and brighten someone’s day! Last year we ordered a ton of personalized Valentines and had so much fun delivering them.

Put Up Valentine’s Day Decor

Add a little special touch of hearts around the house. Buy a heart shaped pillow, or make a heart shaped garland!

Tell Someone Why You Love Them

Every day is a great day to tell someone you love them, but take time out to say a special I love you! Think about it ahead of time and let someone know a few reasons why you love them.


Thanks so much for stopping by today! Do you have anything on your Valentine’s bucket list you have been wanting to do!?


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Valentine’s Bucket List