Tips For Doctors Appointments During Infertility Treatments

After experiencing infertility and going through the IVF process I have become passionate about sharing that adventure with others. During this process I learned a few things that really made doctors appointments more enjoyable and wanted to share that all with you, so you can start the process off strong and feeling like you know what you are doing! Thanks for stopping by today for some tips for doctors appointments during infertility treatments.

15 Weeks- Pregnant With Twins Update

Sharing our 15 week update being pregnant with twins! Everything from the lows to the highs, including what we are looking forward to!

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Best Gift Ideas For Someone Going Through IVF

By Posted on 5 Comments 4 min read

Are you going through IVF or know someone who is?!!? Today I am sharing gift ideas that are great for all those infertility treatments and things to help along the adventure!

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Pregnant With Twins- First Trimester Update

Hi Friends! Today we are so excited to share with you an update from our first trimester! Being pregnant with twins has been so exciting for us and we can’t wait for these babies to grow healthy and strong! Today we are sharing all the details on food cravings, weight gain, what we are looking forward to and more!

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Did IVF Work For Us? We’re Pregnant!

Have you been wondering if IVF worked for us? Today we are excited to share with you all that we are pregnant! We couldn’t be more happy or grateful! Today we are sharing how we found out we are pregnant and what’s next for us!

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Put a Baby in Me!- IVF Daily Updates (Month 2)

By Posted on 11 Comments 16 min read

Ever wondered how an IVF baby comes about!?! Today we are sharing our infertility adventures with our IVF Fresh Transfer process! We are sharing the really good stuff… like the fun and exciting things! Egg Retrieval Surgery, Embryo Fertilization Report and our Embryo Transfer! This has been such a magical experience for us and we can’t wait to find out in 10 days if we are pregnant!!

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