How Our Babies Slept 12 Hours A Night At 10 Weeks Old- SNOO Bassinet Review

Have you heard of The Happiest Baby SNOO Bassinets?! Today we are sharing our review of the bassinets, everything you need to know about it, and how it helped our twins sleep 12 hours a night at 10 weeks old!

When we first had our twins, many of you noticed on InstaStories that we had purchased and were using the SNOO Bassinets with our girls. I have gotten a lot of questions on our experience with the SNOO’s and if they are worth the money. For me, I wanted to give the SNOO Bassinets a real shot and take our girls through the entire process of sleeping in their SNOO’s to transitioning to their cribs before I wrote this review.

To be honest, I didn’t love the SNOO bassinets at first. With two babies getting in and out of the sleepers all night was a lot. But at 2 months our girls both started sleeping 5-6 hour stretches. At 2.5 months (10 weeks) our girls were both sleeping 12 hours a night. After that…I was sold! I was a little nervous about the transition from SNOO to crib, but after that has gone well I can say I LOVE THE SNOO BASSINET! Today I am going to share all the in’s and out’s of these bassinets and what makes them so great!

What Is A SNOO Bassinet?

These white/brown bassinets are the SNOO! They have a cute wood base and white mesh covering. The legs are a white powder coated metal. Aesthetics of these are pretty cute and match with a lot of styles of decor which is nice. There is a plug on them, so you have to make sure to have it close to an outlet. Luckily they are pretty small so they will fit well in most spaces.

How Does The SNOO Bassinet Work?

Putting your baby in and pushing the start button starts a gentle side-to-side rocking and the snoo plays soft white noise through a speaker underneath the mat. Inside each bassinet is microphone. When your baby cries or makes consistent noise, the microphone picks it up and the snoo starts rocking slightly more and plays louder white noise. If the microphone continues to pick up cries, it will rock even harder and play louder white noise. Rocking and soothing your baby back to sleep. As your baby calms down, the snoo gradually returns to the normal rocking. This process helps teach your baby how to self-soothe themself back to sleep.


Our Experience With Twins Using The SNOO Bassinets

With out two girls it was interesting to see that their SNOO Bassinet experiences were completely different. But the good news… is they each ended up with the same results. Learning how to sleep through the night at 2.5 months old and continuing to sleep through the night after they transitioned to their cribs.


Scout LOVED the SNOO from day one! When it would rock her a ton she loved it! Sometimes I think she would just squawk and make noise so it would move. Scout loves her SNOO so much I was so worried to change her to her bed. There were a few rough starts to falling asleep when we made the transition. But once she fell asleep she slept the rest of the night. I think she missed the cozy snug feel that she got in the SNOO. She has been doing really great though after a few rough nights falling asleep.


This little one did not love the SNOO at first. Every time we put her in the sleep sack (like a straight jacket) she did not like it. Eventually it got so cozy to her and she loved it! With Davey we transitioned her out of her SNOO at about 5 months old. She would wake up talking, and the SNOO would start rocking harder and it would wake her up. Something about the motion would wake her. When we switched her out she did great though! She continued to sleep the entire night through.

I love how the girls were on their backs, safe and strapped in the beds. Jake and I feel like we were able to sleep good knowing our little babes were strapped in and not rolling around. Now that the girls are in their cribs, I miss the feeling that they are strapped down while they sleep. We do use the Owlet monitors though and that helps for peace of mind 🙂



Are The SNOO Bassinets Worth The Money?

YES! After reading all the reviews for the SNOO’s and talking to friends that had these, I knew we needed to get these for our girls. The first few weeks of using the SNOO, I didn’t know if it would end up working for our little Davey. We stuck with it though and it ended up working out great! With both of our girls sleeping through the night at 2 months old, my answer is YES the SNOO bassinets are worth the money.

Best Time To Purchase A SNOO

Thinking about buying a SNOO?! Make sure to buy it on sale! (Your babe will only use this for 4-6 months so a sale really helps!) Each year there are a few big sales on these bassinets. Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Black Friday are usually the big ones (sales are only on the SNOO website). If they are on sale for 30% off that is a good time to buy them. I have seen them for 40% off only a few times, but depending on when you get your bassinet they might price match! We bought ours for 30% off and saw the 40% off a few months after we purchased them (we hadn’t gotten our SNOO’s in the mail yet) and called the company and they price matched for us. You can order these months in advance before your babe is coming if you see a sale, and have the bassinet delivered closer to your due date.

If purchasing is not for you, there is a rental option too!


Tips and Tricks With The SNOO Bassinet

When washing the Sleep Sacs make sure to Velcro the inside and zip it up before putting it in the wash! That way the velcro wont attach to something else and make Velcro marks on it!

Have your baby wear PJ’s and then put them in the sleep sack. You can use the sleep sac with our without pjs, but we would recommend pajamas, especially in the beginning. Our girls tried using the sleep sacs without pjs and they ended up getting to chilly and had a hard time sleeping.

No need to buy extra bedding and sleep sacks. The SNOO comes with one set of small, medium, large sleep sacks and mattress cover. We bought an extra set of each for our girls and didn’t end up using them. Our girls wore pjs in the sleep sacks so we only washed the sleep sacks every few days. Just make sure to do laundry during the day so the sleep sacks are ready for bedtime!

See The SNOO’s In Action!

Want to see the SNOO’s in action?!?! We did a little YouTube video showing how they work! You can check it out here.


Have you tried the SNOO Bassinet?! I would love to hear your experience in the comments below! Would you recommend it?! Thanks for stopping by today, hope you have a great day!


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