How To Make Epic Pom Pom Party Hats- DIY

Ready to take your party up a notch?!?! Today I am walking you through step by step with a super fun pom pom party hat tutorial!

I am in full party mode over here!! Bithday week for my twins will be here soon, so I am working on making a few things for the occasion! It’s been so fun making these pom pom party hats! They are enjoyable to make so thought I would share a little tutorial on how you can make them too!


Party Hats

Any kind will do if you are going to cover your party hats with felt like I did! If you want to skip a step and not wrap the party hats and just do a pom pom on top, there are lots of cute party hats out there! Here are a few I found that would be so cute with just a pom pom, here, here here!


For 24 party hats I got 1 yard of fabric and it was enough for the hats. If you are doing around 8 hats I would recommend getting 1/2 a yard of felt. If you are getting supplies at Joanns or Michaels you can get paper sized sheets of felt. With these you can cut out 1 hat per sheet. For more bang for your buck, buy felt by the yard.

Chunky Yarn (1-6 colors)

It’s fun to have a few different colors/textures to add some pizzaz to your pom poms. I like adding in some sparkle or velvet yarn with my chunky yarn.



Sequins are not a must but add a little extra to the party hats. You could also do jewels, mini pom poms, etc. for embellishments.

Hot Glue Gun

If you don’t have one of these yet, you will love using one! There are so many things to use a hot glue gun for! You can find really great inexpensive ones too!


Have you ever made a pom pom before?!? These are so much fun, and once you get the hang of it, you will want to make tons of these! Especially if you are using lots of colors, it makes for some fun combos!

To get started, pick out 1-5 different yarns. I recommend using chunky yarn to add some meat to these pom poms. You can use one color, or a few different ones. I also like yarn with some sparkle too!

Once you got your yarn colors picked out, find the end of each string and group them together so you have all the ends of each of your yarn in your hand. Have you left palm facing toward you with your thumb up. Place your yarn down on your fingers with the ends opposite of your thumb. Start wrapping all the yarn around your hand using your thumb to keep the yarn in place. You will want to wrap around the yarn till it gets pretty thick.

For chunky yarn, if I were using just one yarn I would wrap it around my hand 40 times. If I were using 4-5 yarns, I would wrap it around 20 times.

Once you have wrapped your yarn enough, cut the yarn. Then you are going to pull the yarn ball off your fingers leaving it as if it was still wrapped around your fingers and set it on the table. With a corresponding yarn color, pick one and cut about a 12 inch section. Take that section and place it flat on the table. Put your yarn ball on top of it with the openings on each side of the strings. Tie that string in the middle of your yarn ball and tie it in a knot.

Now is the fun part! Take your scissors and cut all the loops from your yarn ball. This makes the fun pom pom ball shape! Trim up any long yarn pieces hanging so you get a ball shape. Taaa dahhh you have your pom pom!


To get started:

  1. Turn your hot glue gun on.
  2. Make a pom pom.
  3. Take apart a party hat to use as a pattern. Pin it to the felt and cut around the party hat.  It’s ok to cut the felt out a little bigger than the hat to have some wiggle room. Just make sure the top matches up.
  4. Glue a long piece of pom pom to your party hat to secure it.  This piece of yarn will be hidden hidden underneath the felt.
  5. Start wrapping your felt around the party hat and hot glueing it in place.  I like to start at the seam/crease of the party hat.
  6. Once the felt is glued to the party hat, cut off any excess felt around the bottom of the hat.  Make sure to put the elastic band of the party hat inside the hat so you don’t cut it 🙂
  7. Time to secure your pom pom.  Glue down the center, and a few pieces on the side to the felt.
  8. If you are adding embellishments to your felt, add it now. Use a glue gun and bedazzle!
  9. DONE!!
  10. Time to wear that party hat and have some fun!

Want more party hat fun?!?! You can see a step by step video on how to make a pom pom party hat here.





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