30 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Kids

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Looking for a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kiddos??! Look no further, we got you covered! Today we are sharing 30 fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids!

30 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Kids

Valentine’s is typically known as a romantic holiday, but it’s a fun holiday to celebrate with any of your loved ones! Growing up, my parents always made Valentines extra special for us. My mom would put up some fun holiday decor and my dad would always give us a special gift. Usually it was flowers, or a bracelet or something special.

Now that I have my own kids, I wanted to think of some fun ways to make Valentine’s extra special for them! Whether you are looking to add on to your Valentines traditions or looking for some new ideas, here is a list of 30 ideas of fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s with kids!

Sensory Bin

Anyone else love the sensory bin trend going on right now?!?! Creating a sensory bin with lots of fun things to touch, feel and smell are always a hit! Try chickpeas, rice, small Valentine’s toys, paper hearts, etc.

Heart Shaped Pancakes/Waffles

What about a super fun heart themed breakfast!?!?!? Try making heart shaped pancakes, or waffles! I bought this little heart shape waffle maker for $10 I am excited to use on Valentines Day. I am planning on trying out a chocolate waffle recipe and putting the waffles on heart shaped plates.

Pizza Night

Papa Murphys has a heart shaped pizza we get every year, but making pizzas would be so fun too! Kids love getting hands on and helping out in the kitchen. Have them put their own toppings or find a fun way to incorporate them in the fun!

Add A Touch Of Valentines Decor

Decorate the house for Valentines. Cut out some paper hearts and tape them on the walls. Change out a few pillows, add a heart patterned blanket on a couch, or blow up a few balloons and have them around. Anything works, just have fun!

Dress Up In Valentines Themed Clothing

Have fun dressing up in pink and red! Lots of stores now have fun heart outfits and things like that this time of year. Dress up in special outfits and have a good time.

Valentines PJ Party

Have a fun pj party! Grab some heart print pj’s and have a pj party night! If you want to go out put up a tent and make it a sleepover! Paint nails, order pizza, etc. Lots of fun options with a PJ party! (These are the heart pjs I ordered for us this year.)

Dance Party

Have a special dance party! Bust out a disco ball or strobe light and go to town! Listen to some fun kids song and all have fun dancing around.

Glow Stick Bath

Anyone else’s kids think glow sticks are the coolest thing ever?!? Get some pink and red glow sticks from the Dollar Store and let your kids have a special Valentine’s bath. After bath time, put the glow sticks in the freezer to use another time.

Read Valentines Themed Books

Anyone else love an excuse to get some new children’s books?! There are so many fun Valentine books, grab a few new ones and have fun reading them together. I mix up the books in our play room and put the holiday books in there where we can look at them all month long. (Currently my girls favorite V-day book.)

Balloon Party

Blowing up a few balloons and leaving them scattered around the floor is always a hit! Or try making a balloon garland! These are really fun to make and may surprise you how easy as well! Here is a little step by step tutorial with a video if you want to try and make a balloon garland. The garland in these photos is about 80 balloons total.

Host A Tea Party

Ok how fun does this sound!?!? Host a tea party for your little ones. Let them invite a best friend, or bring along their favorite animal friends. Make little sandwiches, small treats and “fancy” dishes. Have fun with it and enjoy!

Heart Attack A Friends Door

Know a friend who could us a little pick me up? Cut out hearts and decorate them. Write little love notes about the person who you are delivering the hearts too. Then go tape all hearts on a friends door! Don’t forget to doorbell ditch when done… the best part! hahaha

Watch A Happy Movie Together

There are so many fun happy/romantic movies to watch that are family appropriate. Make a movie night out of it. Create a concession stand with treats to pick out, snuggle up and watch a movie. This is a fun way to spend quality time together and get some snuggles in as well!

Dress Up In Fancy Outfits & Go Out To Eat

Have a family date night or afternoon! Dress up and go out to eat! Even if going to McDonalds, it is still fun to dress up fancy for the special day!

Create A Valentines Themed Snack Together

Make a Valentines themed snack together! Heart shaped sandwiches, a pink and red charcuterie board, etc. This is a fun activity to be able to do with kids and a tasty one too!

Deliver Roses To Nursing Homes

Valentine’s is a great day to think of others. Many have lost loved ones, or are all alone during the holidays. Nursing homes always love visitors and seeing cute kids! Take roses to a near by nursing home and make some new friends! Pass out roses and say happy Valentine’s to all those you meet!

Create A Valentines Themed Craft Project

Have fun making a craft together! If your kids are still super little, make them an age appropriate craft they can enjoy! This year I had fun making my girls some heart shaped wands and party hats. They were super fun to make and a hit with the girls. For crafts with my girls, I found foam hearts at the Dollar Tree and helped my girls decorate those for a fun craft together. Try making paper flowers, decorating mail boxes, painting rocks, cutting out paper hearts.. lots of fun options.

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun scavenger hunt around the house! Tape up hearts to follow, or make a map! It could even be fun to do a scavenger hunt around town stopping to pick out a snack or toy together.

Chocolate Fondue

Who doesn’t love a chocolate fondue night?!?! Cut up some fresh fruit, melt some chocolate and dip! If you want to get real fancy, buy a fondue fountain! I bet there would be a lot of fun opportunities to use it!

Box Of Chocolates Taste Testing

Doesn’t a box of chocolates feel soo Valentines?!?! Grab a box of chocolates to share with your kids! Each take a bite from a chocolate (or cut them into pieces) and see which one is everyone’s favorite!

Make Friendship Bracelets

Buy some beads and stretchy elastic and make friendship bracelets. This is a great time for kids to think of others and find someone they want to share with.

Give A Small Gift

Pick out a little gift for each of your kids. A stuffed animal, balloon, treat, PlayDoh, etc. Lots of fun options! This year for Valentines I made my girls a photo book and got them a small stuffed animal. Lots of fun options!

Make Valentines

This is a fun one! Go to the store and pick out Valentines together, or get creative and make your own! Lots of fun options with this! Even if your kids aren’t in school yet to exchange valentines this can still be fun. Send out Valentine’s to friends/family, or deliver to neighbors! This year we ordered cute custom valentine’s from Minted to send out to family and friends!

One-On-One Date

During the month of Feburary plan a special one on one date with each of your little ones. Take time to have a special Valentine’s date together. This would be a fun tradition to do every Valentine’s with them. When my girls get a little older I want to start doing this with them.

Create A Photo Book

Photo books are so much fun to make and even more fun to look at when they are done! Pick out a bunch of pictures of your child and add them to a photo book just for them! Write little things in the book that you love about them and give them the book for Valentine’s. Kids love looking at pictures of family and themselves. (I love ordering from Shutterfly, they always have a good sale happening too.)

Make Epoxy Resin Letters Valentines Themed

Have you seen this fun trend going on???!! Epoxy resin alphabet letters are so fun to make! Jake and I have made 3 sets now, and our girls really love playing with them. You can use the letters to create words, learn different letters, or even put magnets on the back of them. I bought this kit for $29 and it worked out great. SO great, I bought the same kit 2 times 🙂 Add some heart shape sprinkles or pink/red coloring to make them Valentine’s themed.

Frost Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies

Who doesn’t love an excuse to enjoy some yummy sugar cookies/!?!? Make some heart shaped sugar cookies and have fun frosting them together! We have a local bakery called The Chocolate that does sugar cookie decorating kits for holidays, and we love picking those up! The kits are $25 and come with everything you need. If you don’t feel like baking cookies check out your local bakery to see if they provide a fun option like a cookie kit!

Valentine’s Play Dough

Make homemade Play Dough with the kiddos. When the dough is done, whip out those heart shaped cookie cutters to play with the dough. No time to make dough, just buy PlayDoh! Always a hit too!

Puzzle Time!

Buy a special Valentine’s themed puzzle, or borrow a puzzle from a friend! Spend the afternoon putting a puzzle together. I recently ordered a Valentine’s heart shaped puzzle on Minted and personalized it with a family photo on it. The puzzle came in options from 12 to 252 pieces.

Share Why You Love Each Other

Take time to share with each of your kiddos why you love them. Write it down and give it to them, or verbally share with them something special you love about them.


Thank you so much for stopping by today for 30 fun ways to celebrate Valentines with kids. Do you have any Valentine traditions you love doing every year?!? We would love to hear all about them in the comments below. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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