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Smart Alarm System for an On-The-Go Lifestyle

We are officially moved into our new home! Wahoo! There are so many projects we have been wanting to get done on the house. One of the first things we wanted to do was get a smart alarm system installed. With the twins coming soon and living an active lifestyle, we knew this was a was a must for us. Jake and I enjoy being out and about, so we knew we needed an alarm system to match our lifestyle.

7 Fun Ways To Celebrate The Birthday Of A Passed Love One

Posted on 4 min read
Remembering a loved who has passed is not easy, so I wanted to put together some ideas where you can have fun and spend the day remembering the things you loved about that person. It is always ok to grieve and take moments to cry but it’s important to find time to remember and celebrate too. I think our loved ones would want us to have some fun on their special day! So today I am sharing 7 Fun Ways To Celebrate The Birthday of A Passed Love One.
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