Our IVF Twin Success Story

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When we were starting IVF and going through the process one thing I really enjoyed was reading about others success stories. It was really great to read how everyones infertility journey was unique and different. It’s so crazy for us to look back at this infertility adventure and see where we are now with two baby girls. We hope by sharing our story you will feel motivation to move forward and keep continuing with your journey wherever that may be. If you ever need a support friend, please let us know! We would love to cheer you on during your adventures!

My Experience Breastfeeding Twins

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Today I am excited to share with you my breastfeeding experience with our twin girls! Everyones journey to feeding a baby is so different and special! A nursing coach gave me the best advice that “fed is best! “Doesn’t matter how, but that the baby is fed!” I hope by sharing my story that you know you are not alone, and hope it helps you feel that your journey to feeding your babe is perfect just the way it is!