Edible Thanksgiving Craft- Turkey Ice Cream Bars

Looking for a fun and tasty Thanksgiving craft?!!? Today I am sharing an easy DIY for making Turkey ice cream bars. Not only is this making these turkey ice cream bars fun, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser as well.

Turkey Ice Cream Bars

A few years ago Jake and I made these fun turkey ice cream bars. We had so much fun making ice cream turkeys, we try to make them every Thanksgiving! This is a great craft to do leading up to Thanksgiving or after the big event for a refreshing treat! Because lets be real here…there is always room for ice cream 🙂



Ice Cream Bars– Any brand will do

White Melting Chips

Candy Corn

Baking Reeses Pieces Candy

Black Writing Gel

Wilton Melting Pot or Stove Top Pot- You can also melt the chips over the stove top, but a wilton melting pot makes this super easy and fun!

Extras: sprinkles, nuts, toppings, etc.


First start off with your melting chocolate. If you are using a Wilton Melting Pot, put your chips in the pot. For stove top, follow the directions on the back of the melting chips. To stir the chocolate, use a plastic spatula vs a metal one. The metal makes the chocolate clump.

Once the chocolate is melted, get your ice cream bars out of the freezer and unwrap.

To make a turkey, dip the small end of the candy corn into the melted chocolate. Then put that candy corn around the top edge of the ice cream bar. It takes about 8-10 candy corns.

Now time to add eyes. Grab your baking Reeses. Add a little bit of melted chocolate where you want the eyes and then place the Reeses on top of the melted choclate. Then grab your writing gel and do one dot on each Resses for eyes.

Lastly it’s time to add a turkey nose. As you can see from the pictures below, there are a few ways you can make your turkey nose. Add some melted choclate where you want your turkey nose, and put a candy corn on top.

DONE! Time to enjoy your turkey ice cream bar! If you make extras, put them back in the freezer on a paper plate to enjoy later!

Thanks so much for stopping by for this edible Thanksgiving turkey ice cream bars DIY! If you get a chance to make these, tag me! I would love to see what you create. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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